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  1. Hi, l have downloaded DVD SHRINK, but can't seem to get it to work, it won't even open up. What am l doing wrong Thanks
  2. Hi, l've burned a movie to DVD, it plays on my personal DVD player, but only part of the movie plays, then stops, and restarts at the begining. ls there something l need, ie software to make the whole movie play. When l burned it, the whole movie appears to have burned, no funny messages, do l need something like a reducer or something. Win XP, download to u torrant, then to DVD flick to burn. lt burns fine, and plays fine on my personal DVD player, but just dosn't play the whole movie. Please Help, what am l doing wrong
  3. Hi, new to this, l would like to burn a movie to DVD, how do l go about this, is there some free software that would allow me to do this, so l can watch it on my personal DVD player, not just the computer. Thanks
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