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  1. stefano

    ImgBurn & DVDInfoPro

    right...thanks for your answer. I do appreciate that. Bye, Stefano.
  2. stefano

    ImgBurn & DVDInfoPro

    Hi mates, first off I'd like to introduce myself, my name is stefano, I'm a new brand user and I'm please to join you After I read a lot about the mighty job that the ImgBurn's stuff is doing I decided to install it! Surfing Imgburn home page I read about the capability of ImgBurn to interact with DVDInfoPro. I'm quoting what I readover there: Right...but my question is to be able to to that should I install DVDInfoPro before Imgburn or it's pretty the same? Hope to read any guesses from you. Thanks in advantage for help. Bye, Stefano.

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