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    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    Does anyone know where to get the ss file for an Xbox 360 game? I'm trying to backup my games and can't seem to get all of them to work. I'm doing the hotswap method for the ripping. I've heard that it is easier with a different drive, but I'm not interested in getting new hardware. I'm just doing this in case my son takes the disk out and messes it up. (Also not willing to pay $50 for a drive that is worth $10 just because someone flashed the firmware.) If it can't be done, oh well. I've been reading a lot about it and found that I need to add the ss file or exrtact it somehow. I made a perfect backup of one of my older games, but that's because I found a forum that was posting ss files. Unfortunately, they have stopped that thread and don't have anything newer than Jan of this year. Is there a site that is more up-to-date or has somebody come up with a better way?

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