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    need help..

    ok went to a wedding this past week and took my camcorder..they hired a guy to vid tape the wedding but it turns out i got better vids then the guy. i transfered the tape to my hard drive..its over 9gig..the guy got better outside stuff and so i was asked to send the vid to him on a dvd..so he can splice it with his. i need something to shrink the file also to convert it to mpeg thats where i need help..it would be great if the program is free too..
  2. Jerseyguy

    Where The HELL is EVERYONE !!

    i was here...
  3. Jerseyguy

    What can Brown do for you?

    he does make a few legit points...like that ass of a mayor they have for not using all means to get people out before the flooding started.. to me it seems like they are blaming him for everything..which is wrong..
  4. Jerseyguy

    Hey Everybody!

    yea we got a whole lot of new kinds of trucks.. but incase you guys forgot..i dont drive anymore..i stopped driving a few months ago..got tired of running like a mad man and took a job inside..fixing all the boxs that get dented..same pay same vacations (6 weeks)..just no more running and jumping and sweating..I love it! i do miss some of my friends on my old route..but now i get to stop in and say hi and chat for a bit..instead of running in saying hi and throwing a package at them and running out.. so LUK you can keep the truck..i just want the beer that was in it..
  5. Jerseyguy


    why is it i can see you being the author....
  6. Jerseyguy

    Slow opening pages

  7. Jerseyguy

    Hey Everybody!

    haha... i must have been really shit faced to have left it LUK's house..i dont remember driving that far..
  8. Jerseyguy

    Hey Everybody!

    it could....
  9. Jerseyguy

    Hey Everybody!

    i dont remember...i was hanging with the 2 guys in my pic,..and i just forgot where i parked it..
  10. Jerseyguy

    Hey Everybody!

    damn newbie's...
  11. Jerseyguy

    Its great to be back.......

    is this place for real?? or have i been stuck in one of Kirks space time thingys..

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