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    im relatively new to this but when i download dvd's it takes a long time, and my computer isn't that old some one told me i might need to update my firmware, but i don't know how to do that, could someone clue me in on how to adjust my firmware or what else could be the problem with my disc writing speed, sorry if i sound clueless
  2. cbooker7212

    Need help burning

    no i haven't, not too sound dumb but how do i make an iso for my dvd-r?
  3. cbooker7212

    Need help burning

    i've downloaded the ImgBurn v1.1.0.0 software and installed it on my cpu, but now im lost on how to burn encrypted dvd's to dvd-r cd's using the imgburn software, my vdv-r drive shows up on the destination section but i can't get to my dvd im trying to burn under the source tab, could someone please help me out

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