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  1. many thanks mmalves that was the problem all along just try gow2 and it played right the problem was when i chose the iso it automatically picked the dvd file for me it came up with a message like oops you didnt choose the dvd file i will do it for you this time all i had to do was delete the dvd file and then it would burn many thx again i have got rid of quite a bit of time and dls because of this
  2. syedorf

    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    right click dvd file and select burn with image burner the layer break was set wrong it should be 1913760 for an xbox game sorry above message incorrect i was looking at another part of the thread
  3. does the nfo file have anything to do with this or is it just info
  4. i have tried using the dvd file and the iso image it says the same thing for both i have this problem with at least 3 different 360 backups i have dl i have treid dvdmulleter as well as create anew mds file etc a new image nothing works can all 3 be bad rips? thx for the help
  5. i am having problems burning dl media i have set layer break to 1913760 i add the image then it comes up with invalid or unsupported image type reason first image file part is less than 2048 bytes in size can anyone help i am going mad is it something stupidly obvious

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