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  1. psychocandy

    XBOX360 games with Optiarc 7173A

    Optiarc 7173A (firmware 1-02) Burns OK but wont play. Using Verbatim DL. Previously had a Sony burner and this worked fine. Do I need to do anything special (i.e. update the firmware) for this drive to produce workable XBOX360 copies?
  2. psychocandy

    Burning XBOX 360 isos

    OK. Got some Verbatim DLs from Singapore... Also got a load of ISOs of XBOX 360 games. Unfortunately, no .dvd files. So, how do I burn with imgburn? Do I have to just set the layer break to 1913760? Is it the same for every 360 ISO? Or is there no need to do this?

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