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  1. kevdriver

    Retiring Yoda

    img burn will never be dead, just in transition until an update........
  2. kevdriver

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

  3. kevdriver

    Done with ImgBurn

    chase2020, too bad, I've ben using imgburn almost since its' conception, wonderful piece of software. maybe someday you will change your mind and use it again. good luck on finding similar freeware.
  4. kevdriver

    Do I need a modded xbox to play backups

    johnny, The answer to your question would be yes. Remember, imgburn is strickly a burning program and nothing else. Your post count was/is probably to low to enable you to free post everywhere on the site.
  5. kevdriver

    Unrecovered Read Errors

    Erick, You might want to try buying a couple of newer drives and perhaps getting some better quality media. Also its always the best to be running the latest release of imgburn for the best possible results.
  6. kevdriver

    Somebody Let Me Back In

    Bloody well could forget my name these days..................... I'm scared Loco..............................
  7. kevdriver

    Somebody Let Me Back In

    Finally got the e-mail overnight sometime............... all is well
  8. kevdriver

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRULE !! Sorry I'm late Chris, haven't been around much of anywhere lately. Time is back on my side now, so will be joining in again.
  9. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday spinningwheel!

    Happy Birthday Spinner............
  10. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday Blutach!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Les...............
  11. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday lmao2k!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2k All The Best.
  12. kevdriver

    Happy birthday polopony

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Polo................
  13. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday dbminter!

    Here I am late again....... Happy Birthday DB... All the best !!
  14. kevdriver

    problems with my pioneer dvr 105

    trusty, Thats an old drive, perhaps it's just come to the end of its life cycle. You can grab new pioneer drives for 30 or 40 dollars that also due dual layer burning as well. Might be time to invest.
  15. kevdriver

    Burning issues!

    Webbis, I do believe there's a firmware update for your liteon drive............ ( E ) Might try googleing for that as your machine doesn't seem to recognize those blank discs your using to well I 14:31:51 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: MKM-003-00) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x) I 14:31:51 Write Speed: 2.4x Failing all else, perhaps your drive has gone south on you.
  16. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday Altercuno

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALTER All the best! Yea, I stole Cornys Gif............
  17. kevdriver

    Burned DVD Won't Play

    Rocket, It's probabley just your stand-alone player being fussy. If you have any -Rs to burn to, try those. As stated, the burn and verify looks okay. As mmalves mentioned, try slowing down the burn and see what happens.
  18. kevdriver

    BDMV & Certificate

    What are the size of the finished burns? Are you playing them back in a blu ray standalone or a regular dvd player stand a lone?
  19. kevdriver

    Enhanced exposure of ImgBurn & logo?

    I'd like to order a thong please..... imgburn red..... extra large.
  20. kevdriver

    blu ray

    Yea, the Sony S350 model will play BD discs made from any source as well as most other discs including CD-Rs.
  21. kevdriver

    After I burn a DVD it won't load on player

    Makumbang1, One thing right off, CMC mags are utter crap blank discs. We reccommend using Verbatim blanks, abit more expensive but a whole lot better quality. As previous posts mentioned we need a complete log file of the failed burn ( s ) to see whats going on. Open Imgburn, go to help, click on logs, open log for the failed burn, copy and paste into your post. This will give us more detailed info on what went wrong.
  22. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday Cornholio7!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORNY.............. Have a good one mate
  23. kevdriver

    Happy Birthday mmalves!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY mmalves..................... getting up there eh......................
  24. kevdriver

    ImgBurn - Tool of the Month!

    Great Stuff! Bout time Imgburn gets the recogniztion it deserves as well as its Creator. Congrats everyone
  25. kevdriver

    Slow Burn Speed, Need Help!

    Glad to see you've got it worked out...... Verbatim really do make a difference.

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