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  1. It's a scam, not real, fake, lie, deception, untruth, basic bullshit that you, along with many others, fell for within the past two weeks or so. ImgBurn is freeware, available at the site that Loco referred you to. Demand your $ back from the asshole that scammed you, but don't show us some attitude because we didn't do it, have never done it and will never do it... Thanks for your straight answer and It was frustration, not meant to be directed at this forum. Thanks again
  2. If that is the answer, the program is of no use to me. The disc will not play- its not the dvd drive, its looking for the origional game disc..Now what-answer or refund?
  3. Burnt PC COD World at War to HD. I then wrote to dvd 2 layer. It wrote, and verified good. When played, 1st menue loads, select solo- then game comes back with insert correct disc and restart. Same with COD Modern Warfare..Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks !It knows its not the origonal disc I guess?
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