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  1. Kadir

    Build mode.

    When I burn an .avi file using the build mode, it doesn't make those video_ts and audio_ts or something, which makes the cd im burning slow, when it loads the movie on my dvd-player. Example. I have this video I made, which is 127mb. I go to imgburn, click on build mode and click build. When i burn correctly, if I look at my E: drive, I can see an .avi file. No audio_ts and video_ts files. Do I need to have some other tools to create those audio_ts and video_ts? What if I only got cd-r 700mb discs?
  2. Kadir

    Burn .avi file.

    Okay, I got it now, thanks
  3. Kadir

    ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 Released!

    good job
  4. Kadir

    Burn .avi file.

    Thanks, now it worked. By the way, if I should add subtitles to my movie, should I just name it like the .avi file, and just add it with the .avi files ?
  5. Kadir

    Burn .avi file.

    How would I go on and burn an .avi file to a cd-r disc? Because when I attempt to do it, it says that it's not supported, but I think ive done it before, just can't remember.

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