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  1. Aha, resize or maximise+restore sorts it too (I had just tried moving the window, minimise/restore and toggling the View menu entry, none of which get rid of the offset). I tried without DWM (using Windows 7 Basic theme, or disabling desktop composition for ImgBurn.exe); the problem still occurs. I also may not have been clear enough in not stating that this window is messed up even before I manually re-position it; the glitch occurs when the game exits fullscreen mode, not when entering it; the amount of offset also relates to the distance the window gets displaced (if it's already hard up against the right edge of the rightmost monitor when the game goes fullscreen, there's no problem). I'm not familiar enough with Win32 programming to suggest what message might be being mis-handled, but could it be an ordering issue with messages relating to the desktop resize and redrawing? (I'm not even sure if the desktop size actually changes while the game goes fullscreen at non-native resolution, or why some games do this and some don't - whether it relates to the version of DirectX - it's more often older games which trigger this.) I haven't noticed any similar glitches in any other application windows when this window displacement occurs, and I've seen it frequently over the past year, with a fresh Windows re-install in between. This is ImgBurn of course (no idea why I have menu items that Adrianvdh doesn't...).
  2. I'm running ImgBurn on my third monitor (attached to an AMD Radeon HD 4250; first two monitors are attached to an AMD Radeon HD 5670). After running some (not all) fullscreen games at non-native resolution on my primary monitor, most of my windows get shifted over to the right a bit and I have to move them all back (grrr, one day I'll get around to writing a utility to save/restore window positions...). However, ImgBurn's Log window gets messed up as a result (see attached screen grab), with the main log pane apparently shifting further to the right each time (screen grab shows it almost disappearing off the client area after running two offending games). Closing and re-opening the Log window doesn't fix it, I have to restart ImgBurn. I'm running Windows 7 x64.
  3. No prob, I'll check it out in the next release, ta! I don't LIKE being so disorganised! Cheers, Mark.
  4. OK, 3 screenshots for you. [1] Primary monitor showing window placement, with main ImgBurn window moved down a bit before opening settings, but not enough for the settings title bar to be entirely on-screen (I guess the settings dialog IS vertically centred on the main window too): [2] entire desktop showing both monitors: [3] Windows Display Settings:
  5. It's cent(e)red horizontally on the primary (1280x1024) monitor, title bar aligned along the top of the monitor (log window taking up the remaining vertical space). If I moved it down a bit, the settings dialog seems to always pop up the same vertical distance higher (centered horizontally over the main window).
  6. This is a buglet I've noticed since (currently using My monitor setup is: Monitor 2: 1280x1024 (primary) Monitor 1: 1600x1200 The desktop is aligned along the bottom edge. On my primary (smaller) monitor, the Tools>Settings... dialog pops up with the title bar and tabs off the top of the screen (I guess I'd see them if my desktop area was naively deduced to be 2880x1200!). I can move it with Alt+Space, m, DOWN keys, but each time I open it it pops back up just off-screen. This is on Windows XP Pro SP3. Cheers and thanks for the one of the best pieces of software I've seen in my time (I especially appreciate default settings that generally "just work", but can be changed when needed and STAY that way without tripping over each other!). Really does make life that wee bit more pleasant when you consider all the curseware we otherwise have to put up with. Mark.
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