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  1. I wouldn't mind doing that But I am not so much bothered about the disposal, as I am curious to understand what could possibly be causing this!
  2. ^ OK, will try that. I need to get a lens cleaning disc as I don't have one yet. However, what is interesting is that today when I tried playing this disc on my standalone DVD player, it played just fine, though it did take a long time to detect the contents. So I am wondering if this has got something to do with some kind of memory address getting over-written / lost, due to which my computer drive is not able to detect it's presence. Also, another DVD of the same brand is also working fine on my computer drive, but not this one.
  3. Well, it definitely is in the tray So that part is taken care of. Other thing is like I said, I have used this disc successfully in this drive earlier. So am confused as to why it's not detecting it now. btw, I didn't get what you meant by this: Done! Have got now.
  4. Thanks for the prompt response. Here are the screenshots. First one after immediately after the DVD was inserted, and the second a few moments after that.
  5. I have a similar problem. In my case, I have a Sony DVD-RW disk. Things were fine with this disk, and I had erased and re-written around 10 times. However, the last time, I used ImgBurn to burn an ISO to this disk. The burn process went fine, and I was able to use the disk as required. However, now when I try to put new stuff on this disk, I keep getting errors. Also looked for the option to erase, but with the disk in the drive, the option for 'Drive' under the 'Tools' menu doesn't get highlighted. I am posting below screenshots of what I notice from ImgBurner. This one is the information I get when I go into the write mode in ImgBurner. The one below is the error I get when I try to do an erase from Mode -> Discovery. I feel that when I burnt the image using ImgBurn, it accidentally finalized the disc. But I was under the impression that a finalized DVD-RW disc can still be re-written. Is it possible to still write to this DVD?
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