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  1. lfcrule1972

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    Not this year polo - hoping to come over again in 2010
  2. lfcrule1972

    Having Touble Burning Back Up X360 Games

    Good to see the Verbs are still the only option for DL burning ! Hi Spinner !
  3. lfcrule1972

    Delete Files after successful burn

    Imgburn is donationware !
  4. lfcrule1972

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    I think it is the forum bit it doesn't like boss - I can access the www.imgburn.com site with no probs at all ! If you have any way round this please let me know Thanks
  5. lfcrule1972

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    Cheers all - I am sure I only have one a year boss but they do seem to be coming round a bit quick these days !! Still a few years away from the next big one so it's a quiet one this time - got a sailing day with work tomorrow with free bar in the evening so going to make use of that.... Apologies for my sparse appearances here, work have the forum blocked as a chat room these days (I blame volvo) and I have been struggling to get on any of the forums due to long working days... I am sure it's the same for all of you.
  6. lfcrule1972

    can imgburn shrink the file to fit on a dvd -r

    There is always one isn't there spinner
  7. lfcrule1972


    No no no spinner, permanent students like Daniel never graduate, they start a new course before the current one finishes and just start over again.....
  8. lfcrule1972


    Hey Daniel - good to see you back here mate You still on Christmas holidays ?
  9. lfcrule1972

    So far, this piece of software's made 5 coasters....

    Good to see Mr Burke has come back to confirm he is now buying Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media, that's the thing about advice that people give for free, some don't want to give any kind of thanks in response
  10. lfcrule1972

    Synchronising Cache...never ends

    The DVD-R DLs are useless - I had 5 to test and couldn't find any use for them, you can't set the layer break position on them which makes them unplayable is most players/consoles..... As mmalves said get Verbatim DVD+R DLs and you should be much happier
  11. lfcrule1972

    Verbatim DVD-R's MCC 03RG20

    I have used those discs db and found them to be very reliable
  12. lfcrule1972


    As volvo said it sounds like you need to use winrar to unpack the files and then you should (assuming it's a dvd video) be left with the correct folders/files.
  13. lfcrule1972

    6,7 gig image

    If it's a PC game then I think they have some form of protection on them, sorry I can't be definite but I have always played games on consoles.
  14. lfcrule1972

    Prolblems with burning DVD+R DL

    I like the straight forward problems
  15. lfcrule1972

    DVD Shrink Help

    Ah that's ok Cynthia, I thought you had been on the Schnaps again

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