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  1. I thought smoking wiener was what you all wanted ???
  2. I don't ever go to that much effort either - just flash my drives and see what smokes !!
  3. Those Tevion discs use CMC MAG dye which doesn't have many friends here in the forum, the burn results are unreliable and I wouldn't burn anything to CMC MAG dye that you want to use again...... Verb and TY dye on the other hand is far better......
  4. No probs - I just realised straight off that the boss wasn't having a go whereas you didn't appear to
  5. It's probably hard for you to believe but shoddy media can be ok and then it can be dire, trust us, we have seen this so many times in the past - when the poster changes to Verbs with the MKM-001 media id their problems are resolved.
  6. That marriage must be really weighing on blu's mind now !!!
  7. Happy birthday mate - good to hear you had a great day.......
  8. Sssshhh you, I need to convince the Mrs to let me spend some cash on one of these burners and this was going to be part of my dossier of evidence - now you have bloody spoilt it
  9. I am really interested in this as I would like (when I win the Euromillions tonight) to get a blu-ray burner and try out burning and testing in my PS3...... Maybe you two will have cracked this before I get the chance ?
  10. DVDflick help comes here ??? What a f'in liberty !!!
  11. Just curious, are these CD based PS2 games ?
  12. I does support one of the big Sony disc changers as I remember the boss and donta buying one each around this time last year........ hopefully they can confirm that ImgBurn supports it
  13. I heard donta blew his wad getting to the interview.......
  14. The pic quality was a little grainy so I may not have read it right but if your drive is the SOHW-1693s model it might be getting a little old and tired now ? From a quick scan of Google it appears to have been around since at least 2005 and depending on use it may just have retired itself. I believe that drives have a seperate laser for CD and DVD burning, therefore I think it's possible that the DVD one has gone whilst the CD laser is still working ok at the moment......
  15. Come on guys leave blu alone, you know he is the shy and retiring type
  16. As above, with cheaper DVD+R DLs (not Verbs) you may get some burns that go ok but you will also get a lot of them that don't....... In nearly all cases I have seen here a switch to Verb 2.4x DVD+R DLs has sorted the problem, they do cost more but that's cos you get a proper DL burn
  17. Nice that Dell are recommending ImgBurn nowadays....... they used to install Roxio crap on their PCs (they probably still do)......
  18. Honestly no one knows ImgBurn like the boss - it's his therefore if he tells you something, you can take it as gospel........ Maybe there is something intermittent with the drive ?
  19. If I get that message I just select the offending program and close it down, I wouldn't really expect ImgBurn to do it for me.....
  20. We don't mean to sound patronising but from a distance it's sometimes hard to diagnose faults like this. Our first guess is the burner as you stated that all programs were having trouble with a full erase, you also mentioned that a quick erase works but a full erase doesn't. If the same command fails from all your burning programs I can see why the drive was suggested as being at fault. My guess was the RW itself if you believe the burner to be ok, this is because they are not always very reliable when compared to the Verbatim DVD
  21. Nexion 218 isn't really your thing is it boss - you're more of a Take That man
  22. I would agree with the boss, even without his tests. If all programs that you use are failing to erase the disc under full erase it would definitely point to the drive wouldn't it ? I assume you have tried other RW's ?? I have never found RW's to be that reliable and certainly not very long lived, maybe this one is just knackered ? Before you change the drive (if you even want to) you might just try a new RW.
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