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  1. Don't be so sensitive - Lightning UK! wasn't having a go at you, he was explaining that his program is all about giving users a choice. Whilst ImgBurn is easy to use for most people it isn't intended to be used by the very inexperienced, a lot of the features are for more advanced users...... You did the right thing by asking the question but the guide found here does take users through the process. This really isn't a program that holds your hand, users are expected to have a bit of knowledge and also to use the features available, have you tried the preview cell button ? When picking your layer break this allows you to see where the layer break will be positioned. I usually aim for a frame/shot change as you won't notice the break when it's positioned there. Using preview cell you can pick the best option for your own preference.
  2. Have you ever updated the firmware on the drive, sometimes you can find firmwares that are patched and trick the original drive into thinking it's a newer version with different capabilities...... just an idea
  3. The quotes on the EZ picker screen are excellent............... they are all I use ImgBurn for these days...... Yes I am joking but I do agree with you that they add a nice little bit of humour....
  4. Are you talking about DVDflick - as per the picture you posted ? If so that is nothing to do with ImgBurn nor are it's updates..... The ImgBurn check for new version only comes up at the start when you open the program, it doesn't in my experience ever prevent a burn from finishing..... Haven't used DVDFlick so don't know it that does what you describe....
  5. Sigh..... nonono you made your points, the programs author has told you why he won't be making the changes you would like to see, others like myself, loco and donta have also stated that the current design is pretty much accepted by everyone. To be honest for a donationware program I don't think you will find any other author prepared to listen to comments and introduce them when they would be for the good of the majority. Other paid for programs have no such discussion, you pay your money and just have to lump it..... I am struggling to see why you wish to continue this now - the boss has said no, he has explained why as well but you seem to want to keep putting your opinion out there.
  6. It's just something to bear in mind, if you are seeing those errors right at the end of the burn phase and at the outer edge of the disc (where dye can be a bit patchy) a 1% reduction will just bring your burn in a bit from the edge.
  7. Well as you can see your drive and Imgburn are unable to read and verify the discs that have just been burnt. Ritek stopped making quality discs years ago and well before the availability of Dual Layer media. If you are going to burn to DL discs you really need to get the Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x (made in Singapore) ones...... I am not sure where you are in the world but if in the UK try www.svp.co.uk or in the US I think people use online retailers like: http://www.supermediastore.com/ http://www.meritline.com/ If you still have a number of those Ritek DL's I would return them to the store as not fit for purpose.
  8. Mmmm I suspect your forum name sums up a lot of feelings in the forum here today You seem to be quite obsessed with the Erase function, you do know (as the boss has already said) that the program will erase RW discs when the user starts the program ? Why have a button for something that is automatic...... I realise you want to tailor the program to your requirements but you have to remember that thousands of users don't require these changes, they are not requesting them, many have grown up with ImgBurn's predecessor and also ImgBurn and won't feel these changes are needed...... In the end of course it's Lightning UK!'s program and whilst constructive comments are welcomed you have to understand that sometimes the answers will be 'no'. Regards
  9. In shops it's really hard, I buy all my discs from online retailers like www.svp.co.uk who list the media ID, you can can also contact their customer service department before you order to double check.
  10. In my opinion the over-riding issue with media is the dye that is used, if you agree then there is very little we, as end users can do. Sure we can slow down burn speeds but you can't polish a turd. I only ever burn DVD+R DL's at 2.4x anyways. Regards
  11. Hey Daniel - where the smegging smeg have you been mate ?
  12. I have tried all sorts of places and firmware for the drive seems to be rarer than rocking horse sh.. well you get the picture I did find a lot of not very positive reviews of Matshita drives and for ease I have highlighted the most common report for you in the name.... I know it's another expense but maybe you would be better served with a new drive ?
  13. I have tested a fair few different media types when it comes to DVD+R DL discs and you really get what you pay for - the cheaper discs are that for a reason. The burns in my 3x different drives were never as good and as for attempting playback a year or so later - well you can forget it. If you want Dual Layer burns for a specific project then get Verbs from Singapore
  14. Keep an eye on those discs though - CMC MAGS are about the worst dye manufacturer out there, they might burn ok on some drives but I wouldn't vouch for their longetivity. For reliable quality burns get Taiyo Yuden (TY) or Verbatim dye (MCC).
  15. Hopefully the firmware will improve your burn times, according to the logs your drive only wants to burn those discs at 1x speed, I burn all of mine at a minimum of 12x and 16x for quality discs Actually, have you changed the settings ? Usually that says "Max"...... if you have been fiddling a bit you might want to restore the default options under Help
  16. Ok I can get into cdfreaks now but can't find any firmware or links for it for your drive - is it quite old ?
  17. Have you succesfully burnt any other Wii games using this drive ? I also tried to find updated firmware for your drive but cdfreaks appears to be done at the mo and Google didn't give me anything useful.
  18. I think you will be ok - once you have the discs as well as the guides you should have no worries, it's a step by step process. We are here if you need us though.
  19. Is there an election happening this year then ?? Bwahahahahaha
  20. Ok - Verb DVD+R DL's aren't the cheapest discs cos they are a quality product, therefore if when following the guides something happens that you're not sure about post here for guidance if you want
  21. I have XP on my desktop PC and Vista on the laptop, I have had no problems with Vista at all, very pleased with it.
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