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    Erase Disc Dialog Box Bug

    For some reason when I try to erase a rewritable disc using the little erase disc button (the one down below the destination drop down list that looks like a picture of a CD with a pink eraser being dragged over the surface)that's available from the various mode screens the dialog that opens asking which type of erase you want to perform (Quick or Full) sometimes drops behind the main Imgburn window making it impossible to access, this also makes it impossible to exit Imgburn without using the task manager and killing the Imgburn process. Using alt-tab to try to switch does nothing but switch between various programs I may have open in addition to Imgburn. I am running Windows XP Pro w/sp3 fully updated will all the updates available from the Windows Update site. I have rebooted my computer and yet the problem persists, I first noticed it on version, but even after updating to the problem still exists. Note the problem usually does not seem to occur on the first usage but often occurs when I attempt to erase the second disc or more. Plus it would be nice if there was a dedicated erase disc mode available from the mode picker screen that might show details of the erase process other than just a percentage of how far along it is. It doesn't make much sense to me to hide such a common function in the menus or in the form of a tiny little icon on the various mode screens. Most other programs that have the ability to erase rewritable discs have the function out in the open without making the user dig around to hunt for it.

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