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  1. Hi folks, First off, I read the spiel on Verbatim disks, and I only have those DV-R DL disks! And you do seem to say DO NOT try these! Nevertheless, I have never had problems with RICOH disks that are only a fraction of the cost of Verbatim's! Now, normally all disks look approximately like this: VTS_01_0.VOB is small! Followed by VTS_01_*.VOB which are all 1048574KB in length, ending with a trailing VTS_01_n.VOB which has less than the 1048574KB! Disks that adhere to this format have NEVER given me any problems!!! Now, all of a sudden, IMGBURN is failing already on layer 0 at the 49% mark! And what is there? A short file like this: VTS_01_4.VOB with size 799994KB right in the middle of the 1MB VOBs, 3 on each side! What happens here? my drive starts to freak out with a ton of error messages! Why is this happening? I selected the Optimal L0 Data Zone Method: IFO Cell Boundary, 'SLIP' flag not set! Why does it freak out before, and if there are ONLY 1MB VOBs in the middle it does everything okay! I cannot believe that this is a faulty disk problem since it concerns ONLY specially constructed disk formats! Maybe, this is a feature and not a bug! In all cases, all DVDs (5) failed at home when there's a small VOB in the middle! I then tried it at work where I have a blueray writer: It succeeded on some of these small VOB format DVDs, but it too DID fail on just such a file! The error is identical to the home errors! Here the HP drive is virtually brand new: It wrote 2 DVD-Rs, 1 DVD+R DL, before freaking out! I am attaching a capture of the files involved in the home example, and also the capture of the files involved in the blueray example! Here also is the log file for this! Thanks for the suggestions and help! --R p.s. I already posted on the home problem but only with a log there! dv+r-dl-b5-s3-d3bad.log
  2. Hi all, I am using imgburn, and I suppose that the latest version does NOT solve this! On certain DVDs, there is a smaller than the standard 1MB VOB file that has the size that seems to be just right to terminate layer 0! At this point imgburn seems unable to continue on layer 1. There is no problem watching the movie on the PC! I include a couple of log files. Thanks in advance for all that help! --Ralph dvd+r-dl-B5-S3-D3bad.log dvd+r-dl-B5-S3-D4bad.log dvd+r-dl-B5-S4-D1bad.log
  3. Hi all, I think the description says it all!!! I write at 4x and I would appreciate that the verify step go also at 4x (i.e., quietly) rather than 7x to 8x which makes a lot of noise relative to write speed! Is this possible? I have not found it! Thanks, --Ralph
  4. But why should I try a new disc? These discs worked before the rebuild of the system! There was no firmware change? And the discs work perfectly on my portable Vista machine, with all versions of ImgBurn, including !! That successful log is attached. dvdrw-NoW.log
  5. On my XP computer that I had to rebuild completely, NOW ImgBurn cannot write anymore any DVDRW; for the moment I am trying DVD-RW that used to work before the rebuild! This is XP Media Center Edition 2002 Service Pack 3! It cannot even erase the DVD-RW! Even if the disk is already erased! The DVD-RW is listed as JVC/VictorT7! When trying to write an empty DVD-RW I get the following popup: I/O Error! Device: [0:0:0] TSSTCorp CDDVDW SH-S222A SB02 (E:) (ATA) ScsiStatus: 0x02 Interpretation: Check Condition CDB: 2A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00 Interpretation: Write(10) - Sectors: 0 - 31 Sense Area: 70 00 02 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 30 11 00 00 00 00 Interpretation: Cannot Format Medium - Unsupported Medium Write Speed The write speed is 1x !! This last example was done with version of ImgBurn! The log file ImgBurn3.log corresponds to this write portion! Before the rebuild, all worked exceptionally well! I tried with multiple versions of ImgBurn! From and back! Thanks, --RS ImgBurn.log ImgBurn2.log ImgBurn3.log
  6. Under Vista Home Family Edition, ImgBurn is still unable to play where a layer break could be! The audio works, but the image freezes! When I change image size with 1:1 button, then image is updated but position in time also. As such, I rarely do DL discs under Vista. Thanks, --R
  7. Whenever I make a DL disc, the, preview window does not advance the film but just the sound! Clicking on 1:1 or small causes a new image to be selected wherever the cursor happens to be! Service Pack 2 is NOT installed! Bye, --RS
  8. Hello, I believe that this tray unlock problem came with version! This happens under XP! When ImgBurn finishes and does not automaticly eject the disk, it is virtually impossible to physically eject the tray. If I select the Drive menu item with the Eject entry, I get a popup with some text and hexadecimal codes! If I select the Tray Unlock entry before the Eject entry, then it is possible to eject the disk! Finally, having done the above steps, now the drive releases the disk as normally it should! I got those hex codes 2 or 3 times, but now I cannot force them to appear! Any ideas. Thanks, --RS
  9. Hi Folks, On my Vista notebook the drive seems to refuse to burn Verbatim CDs at 4x! It chooses 12x! Destination Device: [0:0:0] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T40N JP01 (E:) (ATA) Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m17s06f, Moser Baer India) (Speeds: 10x, 16x, 24x) Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 176 KB/s (1x), Got: 2,117 KB/s (12x) Average Write Rate: 1,758 KB/s (10.2x) - Maximum Write Rate: 1,783 KB/s (10.4x) These lines summarize my logfile. Can anything be done, here? On DVD-DLs it does write at 4x! Under XP the Destination Media Type is different: Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m17s06f, Moser Baer India) (Speeds: 4x, 10x, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x) I tried different numbers besides 4x! All to no avail! Thanks, --RS cd_ai2404.log
  10. I did what you said! But new Imgburn support forum messages are still arriving: at least a dozen since I unsubscribed! Please stop these messages! ImgBurn works perfectly with RICOHJPN-D01-67 DL DVDs! Thanks!
  11. There's newer firmware available for your burner (remove any disc and close the tray before updating then reboot after it's finished). It is my DVD player, LG DVD5195, that has finally died!!!! It gives 'disc error' on _all_ DVDs!
  12. I built a DVD from files and ImgBurn produced no errors! But the player states disk error! And even the PC cannot read the DVD at all now! What's happening? Here's the log: I 00:06:44 ImgBurn Version started! I 00:06:44 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 00:06:44 Total Physical Memory: 1,834,476 KB - Available: 870,760 KB W 00:06:44 Drive D:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size. W 00:06:44 Drive K:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size. I 00:06:44 Initialising SPTI... I 00:06:44 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 00:06:45 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD
  13. Hello, I am planning to tryout some DVD-R Double Layer DVDs with imgburn! First off, can imgburn create such DVDs? The reason I ask is that previously with NTI, nero 8, and imgburn I have tried to create DVD+R DL DVDs, and only ONE suceeded! They all have troubles going from layer 1 to layer 2! Actually, nero seems to produce better results than imgburn: with nero I have to manually force the player to move to layer 2, whereas imgburn goes auomatically to layer 2 but the image freezes, then anothe image appears frozen and this is repeated 3 or 4 times, followed by a return to the menu! Sorry, no log files were yet created! _R
  14. I am sure that this surprise you! I used read mode for both DVDs! I use comp and hex workshop to compare them! Result: no diffrerences between the .I00 files. Neither for the .I01 files. And the .MDS files had two differences: Comparaison de xxx.MDS et xxx_bad.mds... Erreur de comparaison … OFFSET 10E6 fichier1 = 49 fichier2 = 69 Erreur de comparaison … OFFSET 10EC fichier1 = 49 fichier2 = 69 Now, I really do not understand why there is adifference? Worse yet, now both DVDs seem to work! It's as if the DVD player associated with the TV has decided to behave differently! Sorry to have caused this trouble!
  15. IThe first ISO file has the original VIDEO_TS files. This was verified by CDMage 1.02! ImgBurn built the DVD! Then it read the DVD, and built a duplicate, with that differnet startup but working startup. Would ImgBurn successfully build a duplicate, it the original DVD was DVD-RW ? Is it easy to find or save the log files? Thanks!
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