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  1. in that case, i'll try installing it on the in-law's pc tomorrow... if it does the same there, i'll come back to you... if it doesn't, there it must be a quirk here - though god knows how to fix it as this is a new installation of
  2. aahh... I think that's where I came unstuck... previously, i've had the checkbox ticked in Build - "Don't Prompt Root Content" and I think "Yes" was ticked... in any event, it burned the discs as I wanted... nothing in root and the avi files in the folders... with the clean installation, I lost all the previous settings.. so i've now updated the settings and got the checkbox ticked and "No" is also ticked - so at least I can now add folders without getting prompted... so far. however, the first bug I mentioned is still there... if for any reason Imgburn detects an avi in root and gives me the popup UDF/Joliet prompt, then from that point on I can't minimise... I know the avi root thing is mentioned in the changelog... but the minimise problem isn't - so i'm assuming its a bug... btw - thanks for looking into this and being patient with me!
  3. whoa... my head's spinning here... if there is one folder (containing avi files), with no files above it... then the root is empty - correct ? ROOT | ----- Folder 1 ----- Folder 2 that being right, you're saying it shouldn't detect the avi files in the folder - but it does... now if it doesn't at your end, then maybe there is a problem with the installation here...
  4. then we have a second bug... if I add a folder containing an avi, it gets detected... offers to change UDF to Joliet, but doesn't do so when burned... the root folder is empty of any files, just sub-folders - the avi files are all in sub-folders... if I add avi files to the root (no other directories), then as mentioned in the changelog (which I did glance at last night), it gets detected, offers to change... and does burn with Joliet... hope that helps - but either way I can't minimise... btw - i'm using XP SP3
  5. I think that I can now confirm this to be a bug... added a folder containing an avi to a build, got the divx popup box... and can no longer minimise the program... if i restart the program, burn a DVD video (video_ts folder), it will minimise fine... if I use a folder containing an avi, that's when the problem occurs... i've done 3 burns this morning so far, all avi folders... the first didn't cause the popup box to appear (should have), the other two did... the logs for all seem to imply they're being burned as UDF, not Joliet the burn I did last night after re-installation was burned as Joliet according to the logs... i've uploaded the log in case you need to look at them closely... ImgBurn.log
  6. I don't have the minimise to tray option active (didn't notice it b4) - so can't really test that... I did try applying it in options, but it isn't minimising... currently burning a DVD video... still refusing to minimise... ok burn finished... closed imgburn and reopened... program now minimises to tray... if I go to burn a dvd video, all seems fine (i.e can still minimise)... but if I go to burn avi, I get the previously mentioned dialog box, press yes/no or cancel... at that point I can no longer minimise... the only way to minimise is to close and reopen imgburn... right-clicking on the tray icon gives me "Restore Imgburn" and "Exit" - with the first option just bringing it to the front... which as it can't minimise has little effect.. just to mention that when adding only non-avi files to a build, there is no problem and minimises fine... its only when avi files are added and the UDF/Joliet popup box appears that I then can't minimise... I had installed directly over the previous version... i've now uninstalled imgburn, check the directories were deleted and re-installed... rebooted the PC and tried it again... first time I tried building an avi disc, imgburn locked... had to ctrl-alt-del to terminate it... after another reboot, am now burning an avi disc... and can minimise during burn... will keep an eye on this and let you know if it happens again..
  7. just a little update on the minimise problem.... i'm currently burning divx files and it won't minimise.... it seems to work fine when burning dvds, but when I burn divx and get the popup message boxes, it doesn't minimise... the minimise button is active, just not working.... i'll close it down at the end of the burn and see if it continues...
  8. actually isn't it only prompting cos it thinks the file system is incompatible with whats being burned... certainly never asked me - so this is annoying for me... also seems to be no way to switch off this - much prefer if there was an option to make it automatic... i.e i'm burning a DVD, it auto sets it to the right file system; i'm burning a divx disc, it sets it to the appropriate file system... when I work out the cause, i'll let you know.
  9. on a similar note... when I add an avi in the build, I get the following message... "Your image contains an 'AVI' in the root directory so i'm going to assume it's a divx video disc Divx use 'ISO9660+Joliet' not 'ISO9660+UDF' as you have selected. Do you want me to correct this for you?" so you press yes... then you press the build graphic to burn.... ... and it asks you the above same question again! i would hope having answered once, there's no need to ask me again... hopefully u can fix this for p.s occassionally, imgburn won't minimise either... doesn't happen all the time, but on occasions pressing minimise button does nothing... closing and reopening usually fixes it...
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