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  1. I burned an audio CD yesterday and when I played it back the tracks were not in the same order that they were listed in the IMG window of "write files/folders to disk". I have used IMGBurn for years and I don't believe it ever did that before. I was making a compilation CD with songs from a variety of sources that I added to the window one at a time. Unfortunately,I didn't save a log but if necessary I could try again. I did save the project and I reloaded it and the files were in the order I originally put them in. Any thoughts? Urge In settings-build "sort files by source list order" is checked.
  2. I have IMGBurn v.2.4.1 on my WinXP computer and it works fine-great program. I have been trying to help my brother in Alaska(4500 miles away) to, among other things, burn a cd with IMGBurn. He just downloaded and installed v.2.4.4 on his Vista machine but it doesn't have the option to browse for a folder, you can only browse for files. The browse for folders option is available on the version I have. I have looked all over my brothers v.2.4.4 (thru a remote connection ) and can't find any settings to change to be able to browse for folders. Is that option available in v.2.4.4 or am I missing something? Any assistance greatly appreciated. Urge
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