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  1. this is not a big issue but after burning a dvd and looking closely it has a tiny pause every second. it doesnt effect the way it plays, just wondering if anybody notices this and can it be fixed? ive tried different write speeds and use tdk dvd-r. thanks for any input
  2. davo

    lost files??

    thanks for the quick replies. tried looking in the logs and file is empty and have already deleted the dvdfick file, i do this after every burn as it takes up lots of memory. imgburn says i have burnt 0 disks to date, guessing this is because i go through dvd flick without actually using it myself. maybe a dvd flick problem?
  3. ive been using imgburn with dvd flick and usually works fine but on two accasions it has failed which im fine with but it seems to save the information somewhere and i cant find them. each time it using 10% of my ram with a total of 20%. hoping someone can shed some liight on this subject. thanks for any replies.
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