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    Well, i checked for firmware update, and i do have the latest version, sc05 according to the site it pulls up. which leads me to conclude there might be something wrong with the drive itself. so i sent for a replacement through HP. The logs indicate random faults that stop burining after around 1% to 5% saying sector write failure. using the drive, to burn reguler dvd-r discs also seemed to fail, and i also tryed burning a cd-r, which failed as well. i apreciate the help in checking with what the fourm suggested. thank you, but i think at this point i need a new drive.
  2. I get a few errors here and there about, HO layer not correct, and or write faild at the beginning of the burn session if it manages to pass lead in. I have verbatim dvd+R DL useing a notebook drive, HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA T50L ATA Device on windows vista home premium. I had been able to burn 1 disc complete but it dosent read. i cant make sure the book type for my drive is set to DVD-ROM, none of the options will allow it. i dont even know if anything burns to the disc, accept when the program shows disc incomplete or complete when i insert it. 1. what im wondering is my drive compatible with this program? 2. is what seems to be stock firmware compatable and current? 3. is there a work around to make sure i can change the book type to dvd-rom DL? i tryed nero, and roxio and they dont even see the drive. atleast imageburn shows the drive exists, other then windows explorer. i dont know the manufacture of the drive, or the firmware, but the drive says it is DVD+RW DL dvd multi recorder with lightscribe. provided installed with hp notebook dv7-t 2000 CTO.

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