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    Burn Speed for DVD and CD

    Thanks! That explains exactly what i want
  2. hollywood

    Burn Speed for DVD and CD

    Hi, I burn both CDs and DVDs from ISOs. I usually burn CDs at 24x and DVDs at 12x. Imgburn works PERFECT every time! When I put in a DVD after I last burned a CD, the speed selection is still set to the choice I used for the CD. Is there away for Imgburn to detect if there is a blank CD or DVD in the drive, and use your (user setting) choice that you selected for that type of disc? Thanks!
  3. hollywood

    FLAC files for audio disc

    It was hard for me to understand all of this too, but I also wanted to make CDs from FLAC files. I went to this website and installed these freeware filters. After that when I added FLAC files to Imgburn, it accepted them and burned a proper audio CD. Use the CUE file button on Imgburn to build your CD. here are the filter you can download for free: free-codecs.com good luck!
  4. hollywood

    Which drives burn CDs that Play on Teac CD Player?

    the previous log files are under Help, and you will see a drop down that points to them. the next step is to let one of the experts here review the log and see if they find a problem with the settings on the burn.
  5. hollywood

    Which drives burn CDs that Play on Teac CD Player?

    Some CD players will not play CD-RWs (rewriteable) and most will play CD-Rs, but not all. Some that do read burned CDs still may me finicky with some dyes. You can visually see some have a greenish color or are silver, gold, or maybe some other. If you had luck in the past with burned CDs, try to use the same kind/brand and see if they works in your player. As mentioned above the OS make no difference, but a log file will help an advanced user tell if you burned a "complaint" CD.
  6. hollywood

    Medium Not Present?????

    try a commercial CD or a DVD movie that was not "burned", but one that came complete with content from the store. if your drive can't read them, then it is bad and needs to be replaced (or the cable went bad, or the controller on your motherboard, but it would be a hardware problem). if it can read a commercially pressed DVD or CD, but not your blanks, then it doesn't like your brand/type of discs. then try a different brand of media to burn. you need to do as above to see if your drive still works, if it does, then either use different media, or update the firmware so it works with the media you have, but if it doesn't read then you have a bad drive or other hard connection to your computer problem. over time and use, drives do go bad. from my experience, the laser would go weak and not burn, but it would still be strong enough to read. you do know the shinny side usually goes DOWN in the tray?
  7. hollywood

    Imgburn only creating data disk (I think)

    I was having a few bad burns with my Pioneer drive and Verbatim DVD-R discs. I googled *DVD burner beige* and a Sony Optric Sata drive came up at Newegg for about $24 + tax and shipping. The total was $31 and I ordered it on Thursday a few days ago. I got it by UPS the next day! (no special extra shipping charge). Took 5 minutes to install. $31 is not much to solve my problems.
  8. hollywood

    Imgburn only creating data disk (I think)

    Looks like your image file is only about 1.8 gigabytes. I'm not an expert, but from what I seen, the main movie of most commercial quality DVDs that are say 1.5 hours or so take up almost all of a 4.7 gb single layer DVD. Whoever encoded the source you received must have used a setting to save time and disc space. I doubt even with the best equipment on your end, the quality will be anything close to DVD quality most of us are used to.
  9. hollywood

    Simply won't play on DVD player except computer

    in the usa and some countries the dvd format is NTSC, in other countries they use PAL. look at the settings in the slide show program and make sure the setting for PAL or NTSC is correct for your region (and DVD player).
  10. hollywood

    Write Speed Miscompare

    thanks. yes, a previous attempt failed, but the Imgburn window still said Status: Disc Empty, so I closed everything and tried again with the same disc. I was basically just wondering those questions, but I burn a lot with Imgburn, and rarely have an error, and the movies always play great!
  11. hollywood

    Write Speed Miscompare

    Why do you think I got a Write Speed Miscompare error? This log says 12x is a valid speed. The log also says 18x is valid, but the Verbatim media has 16x as it's rated speed on the disc logo and package, is that a bonus speed? Imgburn changed my selection to 4x. This only happened on one disc, others burn fine, but just wondering. Also, not sure what "AWS" means on the speed selection means, but on another computer, I had it set for AWS, and maximum burning speed was 22x! Will/should Imgburn burn faster then the rated speed if it can? Thanks for all of your support! I 14:06:30 ImgBurn Version started! I 14:06:30 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 14:06:30 Total Physical Memory: 2,095,340 KB - Available: 1,542,144 KB I 14:06:30 Initialising SPTI... I 14:06:30 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 14:06:30 -> Drive 1 - Info: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-212D 1.28 (F:) (ATA) I 14:06:30 Found 1 DVD±RW! I 14:06:51 Operation Started! I 14:06:51 Source File: D:\????????.ISO I 14:06:51 Source File Sectors: 1,929,250 (MODE1/2048) I 14:06:51 Source File Size: 3,951,104,000 bytes I 14:06:51 Source File Volume Identifier: ???????? I 14:06:51 Source File Volume Set Identifier: 04AC168CDVDSHRNK I 14:06:51 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink I 14:06:51 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 14:06:51 Destination Device: [1:0:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-212D 1.28 (F:) (ATA) I 14:06:51 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: MCC 03RG20) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 18x) I 14:06:51 Destination Media Sectors: 1,929,250 I 14:06:51 Write Mode: DVD I 14:06:51 Write Type: DAO I 14:06:51 Write Speed: 12x I 14:06:51 Link Size: Auto I 14:06:51 Lock Volume: Yes I 14:06:51 Test Mode: No I 14:06:51 OPC: No I 14:06:51 BURN-Proof: Enabled W 14:06:51 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 16,620 KB/s (12x), Got: 5,540 KB/s (4x) I 14:06:51 Advanced Settings - Optimal Writing Speed: No I 14:06:51 Filling Buffer... (40 MB) I 14:06:52 Writing LeadIn... I 14:07:19 Writing Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 1929249) I 14:07:19 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 1929249) I 14:19:26 Synchronising Cache... I 14:19:59 Exporting Graph Data... I 14:19:59 Graph Data File: C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Application Data\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\PIONEER_DVD-RW_DVR-212D_1.28_WEDNESDAY-APRIL-13-2011_2-06_PM_MCC_03RG20_12x.ibg I 14:19:59 Export Successfully Completed! I 14:19:59 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:13:08 I 14:19:59 Average Write Rate: 5,314 KB/s (3.8x) - Maximum Write Rate: 5,592 KB/s (4.0x) I 14:28:20 Close Request Acknowledged I 14:28:20 Closing Down... I 14:28:20 Shutting down SPTI... I 14:28:20 ImgBurn closed!
  12. hollywood

    IMGBurn freeze with multiple Bluray drives

    do the lights in your house dim when you are burning on them all at the same time?
  13. hollywood

    cannot burn image cue files

    google DC-BASS and that freeware program will install the filters in XP. then retry to burn and you shouldn't have that error again.
  14. hollywood

    Imgburn & Lite on eTDU108 external

    I clicked on the download tab of that link, and downloaded the PDF for Product Spec. It looks to me like it says it is a writer even though the main page lists only read speeds. It also says it works off of USB power, but I wonder if a laptop USB connection would be strong enough to burn a disc? Anyway, below is a paste of part of that PDF. Write DVD+R 8X maximum by ZCLV External 8X DVD-R 8X maximum by ZCLV DVD Writer DVD+R9 6X maximum by ZCLV DVD-R9 6X maximum by ZCLV DVD-RAM 5X maximum by ZCLV DVD Family Rewrite DVD+RW 8X maximum by ZCLV DVD-RW 6X maximum by ZCLV Read 8X maximum by CAV Access time 130ms Write CD-R 24X maximum by ZCLV Rewrite CD Family CD-RW 24X maximum by ZCLV Read 24X maximum by CAV Access time 110ms Pentium 166 MHz or higher CPU, 128MB or higher RAM a
  15. hollywood

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of the helpful people of this forum. Imgburn is a great program, and I learn a lot reading the solutions to others issues. I hope 2011 is a great year for all of us!
  16. hollywood

    Cannot play DVD

    Some set top DVD players do not play DVD+R DVDs, but might still play DVD-R. Have you been able to play DVD+R on that player in the past?
  17. hollywood

    Cannot play DVD

    TV System: NTSC the log says the file was NTSC. Isn't PAL the standard in Europe?
  18. hollywood

    Disc burned perfectly, then shows up as blank

    Are all of these read fails with burns of the same image or files? If yes, have you tried to to make an image from a disc that you know reads well, like a driver disc, use Imgburn READ to make an image, and WRITE that image and see if your drive reads that.
  19. hollywood

    Help Copying part of a dvd

    if you have a standard DVD, DVD SHRINK would work (free, google it). After you drag the main (or whatever) movie from it's browser to the project side, there are buttons above to set start and end frames. hit backup and it can create an image to burn. you can choose Burn With DVD Decrypter. if you don't have that program, just let DVD Shrink make the image file anyway, then burn it with Imgburn. both programs are several years old, but there is supposedly a patched version of DVD Shrink that will call Imgburn (instead of DVD Decrypter) to do the burning. if you use DVD Shrink a lot, you might find the patched version more handy. good luck.
  20. hollywood

    ImgBurn Problems

    this may sound silly, but get a regular commercially pressed CD and verify that your drive will play that. all of your posts state you not being able to play these "bad" CDs, but I haven't read where an original store bought music CD works. have you tried one recently?
  21. hollywood

    No audio or video image on DVD

    there is a check box for Verify and Test Mode above the the big button you use to start burning. be sure the Test Mode button is not checked.
  22. hollywood

    Cant' burn Disks

    Cynthia, great idea. forget the citric acid, I like the lemon scent Mmalves, how long have you had that link in your arsenal just waiting for someone to ask that question? Happy April Fools Day everyone! I read this forum regularly and everyone gives a lot of support to users that have problems. Thanks to everyone for all of the time you put in here and LightningUK for ImgBurn!
  23. hollywood

    Cant' burn Disks

    I bought IMGBURN so I can copy my 360 games, but I am having some trouble. I am using genuine 3M 360kb medium but can't get it into the drive without cutting off the protective floppy cover. The disk is darker then I expected and says "Caution, Magnetic Medium". I figured it might be dirty, so I took Cynthia's advice and cleaned the drive with a little dish liquid and bleach in the dish washer. I been seeing some sparks when I first reinstalled the drive but stopped after the last of the bubbles dried. Mmalves, do you know where I can get the latest drivers for my 8086 processor? I am also running a 8087 math coprocessor, so speed should be OK. Any Idea why my discs are not coming out ok? If I can’t get this solved, I am going to have to ask for a refund. Thanks in advance! I 18:11:57 ImgBurn Version alpha (April Fools Day edition) started! I 18:11:57 Microsoft Windows 3.1 (over DOS Build 001) I 18:11:57 Total Physical Memory: 828 KB - Available: 256 KB I 18:11:57 Initialising SPTI... I 18:11:57 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 18:11:57 -> Drive 1 - Info: Teac Floppy 1.2mb (D:) I 18:11:57 -> Drive 2 - Info: Pioneer 2x DVD-R (E:) I 18:11:57 Found 1 DVD±RW and 1 DVD±RW/RAM! I 18:13:00 Operation Started! I 18:13:00 Source File: C:\PONG.GME I 18:13:00 Source File Sectors: 3,827,488 (MODE1/2048) I 18:13:00 Source File Size: 7,838,695,424 bytes I 18:13:00 Source File Volume Identifier: DVD_ROM I 18:13:00 Source File Volume Set Identifier: L4DG I 18:13:00 Source File Application Identifier: ImgBurn Version alpha - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! I 18:13:00 Source File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn I 18:13:00 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.50) I 18:13:00 Destination Device: [2:0:0] Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S 1.03 (H:) (ATA) I 18:13:00 Destination Media Type: FLOPPY (Speeds: .. .25, .5x, .75x) I 18:13:00 Destination Media Sectors: 4,173,824 I 18:13:00 Write Mode: FLOPPY I 18:13:00 Write Type: DAO I 18:13:00 Write Speed: .5x I 18:13:00 Link Size: Auto I 18:13:00 Lock Volume: Yes I 18:13:00 Test Mode: No I 18:13:00 OPC: No I 18:13:00 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 18:13:10 Set L0 Data Zone Capacity Succeeded! I 18:13:10 Filling Buffer... (40 MB) I 18:13:10 Writing LeadIn... I 18:13:15 Writing Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 3827487) I 18:13:15 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 3827487) I 18:13:15 Writing Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 1913759) I 18:21:44 Writing Layer 1... (LBA: 1913760 - 3827487) I 18:30:22 Synchronising Cache... I 18:30:23 Closing Track... I 18:30:37 Finalising Disc...
  24. hollywood

    I can't back up left 4 dead part 2 on imgburn

    This is a burning forum, but I don't think that's what they meant

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