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  1. Thanks again Lightening UK!.  I successfully followed your instructions, although "taking charge" of the AV SW was a bit tricky.  2580 is now installed, without any PUAs.  I may have dug a hole for myself since I just upgraded to Windows 10 and IngBurn now does not seem to work properly anymore.   Am I correct that ImgBurn does not work with Windows 10?

    I upgraded to Windows 10 on 2 computers the very first day in July last year. ImgBurn works perfect for me on both computers. I burn many CDs, DVDs, on both, and BlueRays on one computer. Hope you figure it out.

  2. Well, unless you can somehow disconnect the client from the Internet at the time the ImgBurn installer is run.  What I do is disconnect my home PC from the web by turning off my cable modem before I run any installer that I know has OpenCandy, like the Freemake ones.  That way, OpenCandy can never phone home and offer me something I don't want.

    also I would always select Custom (install) Settings (or whatever a program offers) rather then Express Settings and verify each step as to what you are authorizing (or not). I would do this for all shareware or freeware.

  3. Hi,


    I am new to Blu-Ray as of today.


    I got an LG burner and some Kodak discs with ImgBurn reporting as:


    MID: PHILIP-R04-000
    Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x


    The package says Kodak 4x 25Gb.


    Would it be a good idea to try and burn at 6x or 8x?

    Would you trust the package label or the speed info returned by ImgBurn?


    My first attempt burned perfect (at 4x) and the disc played great video, but somehow I had no audio on my PS3.

    I will figure out where the audio problem is, but so far happy I am with my progress!


    These Kodak discs appear to be OEM Phillips and locally were a decent price. Is this MID any good, or does anyone have a strong prefference for any decent priced other brand 25Gb.



    BTW, on any research I did on blanks, whenever anyone had a problem, the next post was to usually someone to say "try with ImgBurn"! :)


  4. I shop at a reputable store in California called Fry's. They carried both the regular Verbatim's and the "Life Series" that were about $5.00 less per spool of 100. I never bought the cheaper ones, but the assumption is they are a lesser quality line from the same company.

  5. If you have a computer that runs WindowsXP, or Vista, or 7, or 8; most external hard drives are connected by a USB cable. Most of those are "plug and play" meaning you just have to plug them in and they will work. In most cases, you would open "My Computer" or "Computer" and the drive should be able to be seen there. You *should* be able to copy files and folders. In some cases if it isn't, it may need to be formatted, but that is not typical. 


    I made my post as a suggestion because backing up to CD discs would not be as easy as copying your data to an external drive. I hope you can get it working, but my that solution doesn't have anything to do with Imgburn, I suggest you ask a friend, or the store you bought your drive from to help you as this is pretty basic. Good luck.

  6. When you click on "My Computer" or "Computer", you should see your drives. Can you see your external drive? If yes, double click on that drive so it opens a Windows Explorer. Then double click on My Computer again (it is either on your Desktop or Start Menu) and double click on the drive that has the folders/files you want to backup. You can then Drag them with your mouse from the existing Explorer windowof the external drive.


    If you drag while holding the right mouse button, you will have the option to Copy or Move. If you choose Copy, you will create another copy to your external drive. If you connect that drive to another computer, you can then copy your stuff to the new computer (or newly reformatted drive).


    Anyway, these instructions assume you can't install the backup software, but your computer can "see" the external drive. If so, you wouldn't need to burn to discs. Hope this helps.

  7. I remember those 2 OLD programs. There are many opinions as to what is ok as far as copying and making backups of content that we purchased and there were, and still are many programs that will defeat the copy protection that is on some discs, but at a certain point, the author of DVDdecrypter stopped development and support of that product. At that time s/he stated their reason, but that is now all in the past. The focus now is on ImgBurn and this forum has made it a point to state it does not discuss defeating any copy protection.

  8. When you are in Imgburn, and go to Mode, then Write, there is an icon in about the center of the window that is "Create Cue File". Are you using this feature? When you import the music tracks on this screen, you can type in the song info (if it didn't already import it), and just above the OK/CANCEL are 2 buttons with more options. You can then press OK to Queue the job up to burn in Imgburn.


    If you haven't been playing with the "Create Cue File" screen, try it. I stumbled many times too, but that's what I use now and my CD text properly shows in my car.

  9. i have windows vista, i just downloaded the newest imgburn. when i downloaded it, then open it it said windows cant open this file. please use web service or open manually with a selected progam, it worked fine on my other computer but not this one. 

    sounds like your web browser didn't completely download the whole file. in Firefox, the downloaded file has a different temporary file extension until the download is complete. Files with that extension would be unknown to Windows, but a complete ImgBurn would be an EXE file, and Windows should be able to run that. Delete your copy and download again from a trusted mirror. Hope it works then.


    good luck!

  10. Jerry,

    There are several types of valid video files, like .MPG , .AVI, and others. If you have a the proper software, you can play most on your computer. Other devices like my Playstation game console and set top DVD Players *may* also play the disc you burned IF the manufacturer supported those file types. It just depends on the brand and how old your player is, BUT, a standard DVD has a VIDEO_TS and sometimes an AUDIO_TS folder. Your research above is correct. Use one of those programs like DVD Flick and input your .MPG file and choose the output as standard DVD. Make sure you choose whether you want NTSC (North America and some other areas) or PAL (most Europe and other areas). I think there are options to send the output to a folder on your hard drive, or and Image file, or to burn directly with ImgBurn. Any will work. Burning with ImgBurn is probably the easiest, but the version that is bundled with DVD Flick *may* not be the newest version. It will probably be OK, but you can also install the latest version over it. After you are done, you should be able to right click the DVD in Windows Explorer and it should have a VIDEO_TS folder with several files in it. IF SO, you should be good to go. One last thing, be sure your DVD player even reads your DVD blanks you are using. I have an older one that reads DVD-R, but not DVD+R. It's not usually an issuer with newer players, but thought I'd mention it.


    good luck!

  11. Is your VCR a Beta-Max or VHS? Either way, a VCR is a "tape" recorder (Video Cassette Recorder). :)


    If it is a combo DVD/VCR or you just called your set top DVD player that, it probably (as you mentioned) doesn't support AVI files (although some players do). There is a free program (you can google) called DVD Flick http://www.dvdflick.net/ that you can install on your computer. It will take your AVI file and output it to a folder in the standard format that set top DVD players understand and play. You can then burn that folder with ImgBurn to a disc.


    Before doing that, look in your DVD players owners manual (google it if you no longer have it) and be sure your player plays the type of DVD discs you are burning (DVD-R, DVD+R, or whatever you have). Some REALLY old ones don't play burned discs at all, some play DVD-R but not +R, so check your manual. Also check the forum sections for guides here that will help you. If you still have trouble, post a log of your burn. Things for the experts to look for are if it is PAL or NTSC, or other stuff that they will spot. Good luck.


    If your set top player really is just a VCR, well..... :)

  12. if you use the "Create Cue file" function in ImgBurn (where you can add MP3s), there is a pregap setting (zero, 2 seconds, or custom). Would that work to add space between songs or is that something else?

  13. Thanks. I played with it a bit this morning. If you press on the CUE icon, a window pops up. I clicked on the folder icon, went to the dir with the files, hit CTRL-A, then OK. It anylized the files and they were listed in the window. If you click on the CD-Text "TAG", it puts the info in for Performer and Title. What I didn't realize was that it was for the current track only. I then tried to figure out what the Default CD-Text buttons did. I soon realized that these buttons need to be selected prior to selecting the tracks in the folder and anylizing, but they would fill in the info for all of the tracks.


    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Another thing that confused me was that even the CDs that I made without CD-Text still came up with a match in iTunes, so I figured the info was there somewhere and that maybe it was because of a wrong file file system (like UDF or whatever that I don't understand). Knowing where to look and playing a bit with ImgBurn, I figured it out. THANKS!

  14. I have a 2006 Lexus that can display the CDs Title and Track Names on the center console screen. Some pressed CDs and some burned ones show this info and some don't. Ones I burn often are from a folder that is built from tracks that are files named after the tracks, some are preceeded by numbers indicating the track order, all using ImgBurn's Create CUE button.


    What info do you think the car stereo reads that allows it to display the track names? After using the CUE button, I press Quick OK. If the files in the box are the song names, my assumption is that I should be able to change a default setting (in ImgBurn) so that my car stereo displays these names. Also, I am just talking about CDs, my car does not play MP3s or the like.


    Any idea where I should start?


    Thanks for any help!

  15. if like you said you can "see" the contents of your laptops drive C via a USB connection from another, my suggestion would be to get some backup software that will BACKUP that drive to another location (like a USB external hard drive). usually backup software has a utility to create a boot CD so you could RECOVER to a newly installed hard drive. when you get a new drive for your laptop, you would boot from that CD, and RECOVER the image you created. this is assuming you had a working hard drive to begin with.


    backing up a corrupted hard drive would only transfer that data to the new one, so the restore might not work. if not you would have to reinstal Windows and your programs (or do a factory restore from the discs that came with the computer). I would still suggest you use the backup software so that either way you could recover your documents, music, photos, and anything else presonal.


    good news, Easeus Todo Backup (google it) has a free version and works well. just do a System backup and also create the boot CD. ANY questions regarding Todo Backup, please go to their forum.


    good luck.

  16. 1924! wOw!!! :thumbup:


    most set top DVD players need the DVD to be in the proper format which would have a VIDEO_TS folder and also (maybe)a AUDIO_TS folder, and .VOB and .VTS files in it.


    If you google DVDFLICK, you can download that free program and convert your AVI file to the DVD format, and then burn it with Imgburn, or it may be able to burn directly??


    I assume your DVD player read your current disc and gave the error that it was in the wrong format, that is good because it indicates that the type of disc you are using (DVD+R) can be read. Mine will read +R and -R, but my neighbors will only read -R. Anyway, assuming you convert and burn a new disc, that would be something that *could* be an issue, the only other thing is NTSC and PAL formats. NTSC is used in the United States and PAL in Europe. In the DvdFlick settings, glance and be sure you have the correct one set.


    Good Luck!

  17. I'm trying to make a copy (for myself) of a DVD on a short loan, & this 2nd. attempt has also failed [see attached log].


    You could do another rip in DVD Shrink and leave it on your hard drive until your new burner arrives. Return the DVD and burn it later.


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