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  1. jm1647

    Officials Order Lower Fla. Keys Evacuated

    Yup don't take no chances, the Keys stick way out there...head for the high ground, if the man says go, go!, Good Luck!!!
  2. jm1647

    Recommended floppy format prog?

    How about this one here It's called Format 144 1.11
  3. jm1647


    Thanks LUK I feel better now
  4. jm1647

    Bush asks for permission

    Maybe we oughta test Uncle George W. for blood alcohol content and drugs too
  5. jm1647


    The released Sep 10th 05 thing on the main page - can it be changed? ....makes me think it's out there and I can't get it. Sorta a tease.
  6. jm1647

    Its great to be back.......

    Them's 16" guns on a big frig'n ship alright
  7. jm1647

    Its great to be back.......

    G5_MYM I noticed your avatar. I did some work on her in Philly when she came outta mothballs for 'Nam and again in '99 when she came back to Philly from Bremerton before she went to Jersey as a museum. Does this look familiar?
  8. jm1647

    Imgburn log

    See the post above this one..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks I thought it mighta been trouble with the betanews website, because the main page of imgburn says was released on September-10-05.
  9. jm1647

    Imgburn log

    Shamus thats a log from and was supposed to be released on the 10th. Are the only people that have this program the Beta testers?
  10. jm1647


    Now, now, let's get our minds outta da gutter You musta missed it at Clinks
  11. jm1647


    If just all programs where that simple to use... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's how I like 'em
  12. jm1647


    If Daniel does me with the . thing again I'm ready

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