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  1. Yeah I'm afraid I can't advise on how it specifically affects peripheral access and/or where it inserts itself in the HAL (I presume?) but I could essentially use every feature other than boot image extraction, even fully reading and creating an ISO from a disc.
  2. Update: I was able to perform a boot image extraction using BPIE (by Bart of BART-PE fame). It only gave me a 2K image though whereas I'm sure Imgburn offers larger images... still, it confirms it should be possible to extract a boot image on my system without causing a write denied error.
  3. I am in a corporate environment which prevents write access to disc drives from userland unless you're using endpoint security software to encrypt the data before it gets written. This still allows full read access to removable media however, but it seems the implementation for extracting the boot image requests write access? I suspect the issue lies in attempting to open the device with write permissions, but hopefully this is a bug because I don't see why write permissions are necessary to extract the boot image. Note I tried this on both a physical device and a virtual one.
  4. deed02392

    ImgBurn Jingle

    Hehe, how strange, it must be a sound bite years old that has just been copied and copied through the ages
  5. deed02392

    ImgBurn Jingle

    I was at Thorpe Park and I was walking around when suddenly I heard the jingle on operation successfully completed! I jumped up and down like an idiot and exclaimed to my friends that it was from ImgBurn, but then I realised i'm the only nerd out of my friends so where is it from if thorpe park has it too? how funny

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