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    ISO from CD is created wrong

    I WANT iso. and I don't care what's technically right or wrong. the WHOLE world is reading and writing ISO and linux dd is creating a GOOD iso. if you fail at that, without giving me the opportunity to create a "non-compliant" iso, but used by everyone, then your work is useless. let's call it i want a byte-copy of a cd-rom disk which i will save into a file called mydisk.iso. is your software able to give me this option?
  2. costinel

    ISO from CD is created wrong

    take a windows xp install disk install click on 'create image file from disk' change bin to iso go expected results: the ISO from ANY Cd-Rom should be identical to the output from linux command 'dd' actual results: - the iso file is not bootable with vmware - the iso file cannot be mounted with linux command mount -t iso9660 -o loop - the iso file cannot be unpacked with 7zip. this is the first case a program creates a wrongly ISO i have tested with another windows program (magic iso) and it creates the same output as linux 'dd' this is a big dissapointment from this great program. it put me into an embarrasing situation. next time i'll count on linux and dd.

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