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  1. hmm, thats interesting so i could set it up for each drive in the que feature, then walk away to let it do it one after the other (aslong as i load dvdrs in all drives) thank you
  2. thank you. just wanted to know if i could dump nero as that does...
  3. hi all Can imgburn burn to multiple drives at once? say making 4x dvdrs from 1 iso with 4 drives at the same time. thank you...
  4. Rotary

    imgburn and dvd decrypter

    happy new year polopony
  5. Rotary

    imgburn and dvd decrypter

    happy new year....
  6. Rotary

    imgburn and dvd decrypter

    hi there yup thats the picture, good memory there lightening... yeah, what it was initially was some chap on afterdawn was saying to drop this .exe in to get dvd decrypter working with the ripper still, basically a newer better burn engine in DvdD, so i had to check this out as the idea seemed bang on... as i still use dvdD but now i just got into this new app imgburn and love that queue feature i jumped straight in and did 5 discs, its awesome just like the old dvdD... --------- now with the other remarks? i dont know is its just me, i am not sure the answers to replys seem may i say forced with intent? sorry dont want any rows going on here... its just that if the app and site were mine and re: the donations it just seems some people may get abit put off??? but the app is bang on and very good indeed! sorry for the link but i do like to read lots of stuff here and there, never to old to learn ah thank you for the help L-UK much appriciated indeed.
  7. Rotary

    imgburn and dvd decrypter

    yes true - i see its the same old attitude of moderators here as old website - phew merry christmas volvofl10 and you have a happy new year...
  8. Rotary

    imgburn and dvd decrypter

    hi i found out what all the hype is now... its so dvd shrink can use imgburn.exe thats renamed...also keeping imgburn on your pc to... http://forum.digital-digest.com/showthread.php?t=55859 thx all...
  9. hi all does installing imgburn jion dvd decrypter so i get a ripper with a better burn engine? or do i need to overwrite the .EXE in DvdD with imgburn .EXE in directory? thanks in advance

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