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  1. Dear Lightning i have exatly same problem i search all imageburn setting where i can tell it not to retry ? and also notice Pinned Topics "Program Memory Area Update Failure" i have samsung 203N and liteon 20A3H just today notice this problem, never encounter it befor !! it is a bit strange to me because I burn lots of image all on + verbatim brand mcc004 and never have a problem. so as you don't point out any solution these mean it is a hardware related bug ? and as it is in both samsung and liteon drive can it be because of Mediatek chip ? my dvd finish just fine and verify ok with a nice scan, work on pc but never even start on standalone player. thanks for your wonderful work
  2. after updating my Silicon Image 3132 SATA controller by connecting to microsoft windows update site, each time I start ImgBurn&DVD Decrypter, They pop an error message, i write the first line here : DeviceioControl(IoCTL_STORAGE_MCN_CONTROL) Failed! Unabele to disable media change notification i search the line "Unabele to disable media change notification" and also the 1 line in google and can't see any solution, also Silicon image site is useless as they direct me to board maker for troubleshooting, the main board is an ASUS P5WD2 Premium and i send the problem to them but asus support guy just told me to updtae my DVD RW firmware and some other basic instruction that dosn't work at all... i install a fresh copy of xp on my another hard disk just to make sure Sil driver make this problem and i find that actually it is driver provided by microsoft that make this, one from asus cd is ok so go back to other xp and change the driver but problem still exist and i have no restore point in my main xp :-( also i noticed there is a check box in ImgBurn&DVD Decrypter Tools-->Setting-->Device-->Disable Media change notification that if clear no error popped but i hesitate it maybe affect my burning quality so please help me to solve problem as i really hate to reinstalling xp and all my aps and setting for such problem ...
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