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    burning DL

    I agree with you guys and the odd thing is after i burn them my own burner would not even recognise them (i am using the ridata -r dl) ... ok so i guess is not my burner but the media (kinda relieved) ... thanks for your help guys
  2. zeta_immersion

    burning DL

    Hi all, i am having some trouble burning a dvd-r dl ... mainly the burning process (i have a pioneer dvr109) i put the dvd in, i choose the image and i hit burn (the program has all the default options as it comes ) and then i get an error saying layer Jump recording disabled! cannot set the break position when burning dvd-r dl media in dao mode. (and i hit no not to continue because i am not sure if i want to waste another dvd) the image has an mds and from the looks of it the program sees the layer break (some numbers and stuff) on the other hand alcohol is not giving any errors and the process goes flowlessly but the dvd is not working nero i did not try it since it looked doubtfull it knew what it was doing could anyone help me understand this thing please? ... Thank you.

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