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    ahhh.... that might explain why the case was wet.... I guess I best apologize to the dog! lol
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    mm wierd.... last night i put a Ritek DL in my Pioneer DVR-A09 (firmware version 1.58) info from DVDD: Pre-recorded Information: Manufacturer ID: RITEKP01 Recording Management Area Information: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109 but when I pulled up imageburn... for the first time.... the media window remained blank....like it wasn't seeing it... however now that I have burned that disc with DVDD it is now being seen in image burn....of course it's a burned disc and not blank anymore...lol as for firmware....most up to date I believe or at least within the last 30 days... my drive needed the firmware to be able to see these -R DL discs (drive was initially only +R I believe and before the firmware updated, the drive didnt wouldn't see these -R discs either wouldnt even recognize that there was a disc in the drawer... thats basically the same thing that happened here in imageburn when the media window didnt propagate... or so I thought) Maybe I was just too eager and didnt give it enough time... Anyways I'll try again when I get more DL media.... maybe I was just doped up on pain pills and not thinking or doing straight (though I was straight enough that I had no issues with same drive, same media on DVDD "5 minutes" after I tried imageburn....lol no probs though its all good!) I REALLY was just curious about the main benfits of switching to this program, which Lfcrule promptly answered.... though I am glad to hear feedback on the issue of the disk not being recognized in imageburn which may have just been me... im out of media so i'll try again next batch.... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! :)
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    Ah good points....lol... and good people all around. It was very nice to see the 'old crew' hanging around the new joint! I appreciate the answers. It seems on DL I am never able to burn any faster than about 2x with the old one and my (as yet for here unsupported dvr A09 by pioneer-- comment made based upon latest firmware which recognizes either media +/- in my +DL burner while in DVDD but seemingly not with IMGBurn yet...and no prob.. I know Lightening never let us down in the past!) I really just wanted someone who knew what they were talking about to give me a solid answer to the not obvious differences and appreciate your fast response and info! sidenote-- I actually couldnt remember this name from the other site until i had already registeres a new name but in a flash of brilliance (lol) while my girlfriend was talking about a "bunch of crap" and I was like A-HA!!! heheheeh So thanks.... final note.....what will IMGBurn write DL at (based upon appropriate media, hardware etc)? and again... cant say it enough.. you guys are great... and the humor well.... i already laughed at cornholio's cunning linguist--ical abilites pmsl peace!
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    L.U.K.....First off... I would like to say that I'm very glad that apparently things got sorted out for you! While it sucks that your hard worked got stolen from you by those b@stards in the end it could have been much worse even though, ironicly, you did nothing wrong! Also nice to see you back in action and not letting them keep a good programmer down! Now...forgive me... I DON'T mean to be argumentative, nor rude... I am simply and sincerely wanting to know what this has to offer me that my old DVDD doesn't? I mean, I do know what this DOESN'T offer... but in which ways is this better than simply continuing to use DVDD as a one stop experience....Read AND Write? Does this burn more accurately... does it burn faster...will it also function like an ISO-Maker and turn various files INTO an ISO image... what?? And while on topic, I KNOW via the forums and experience why the desire to stay away from a READER... but a reader that had no CP removal, not even De-CSS CERTAINLY cannot be a target of claims that it violates anybodies IP? Heck even Nero ReCode refuses to work on Encrypted DVDs with no hassles. And while it's true that other programs could sit as drivers and remove this on the fly and feed the unencrypted files to a READER (ANY READER...GASP lol) that would have nothing to do with the reader program since it wouldnt be advocated that way, bundled that way, and what software individual people decide to use simultaneously with other software cant be controlled by ANY programmer! BUT SORRY.....I DIGRESS.... SO basically... I'm just looking for someone to come along and give me a quick low down on what I'm missing by not putting away DVDD for my burning and getting this instead? Thanks for the answers.... thanks for all your hard work...and MOST Glad to see you back B.O.C

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