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  1. When saving copies of DVD Video and Program DVD/CDs on big hard-disc, I was wondering if they were better protected from virus/other malware, if saved as a disk single ISO file, rather then in usual folder/file form. VLC can as easily play DVD films saved on hdd as an iso, so I thought maybe an advantage to store them that way. Having little knowledge of file types virus/other malware can infect, I don't know if .WMA, .MP3, .AVI & other film media can be infected. Can anyone throw any light on this ? Years back, there were seasonal reviews of the best types of freeware protection of systems using WinXP. I used just 2 types of protection: AVGfree, and Spybot SD for my WinXP laptop. I always suspected the protection wasn't enough, due to a few small odd behaviours: One being, when using Windows Explorer to Create a 'New Folder' - the default name was often not 'New Folder', but name of a species of bird, like 'chicken', cuckoo, partridge - this behaviour replicated onto a new system hdd after old one failed, so I assume the cause came from infected data or program saved on a backup drive. I would like to remove this infection but AVG & Spybot report no problems. Can anyone point me to some websites that recommend the best mix of freeware protection for Windows7 systems ?
  2. Have just moved from a pc using Imgburn under WinXP SP3 using internal Philips DVD-Writer to a pc using Imgburn under Win7 using external USB DVD-Writer Liteon eTAU-108 When using 'Create Image from disc' to make an iso image of say a DVD film on older pc, just a .iso was produced. With the newer system, 2 changes have occured: a) 2 files are produced, a .iso and a small .mds - and this seems to be for other src types, DVD or data Although each op reports success, when closing Imgburn, I get a small popup* which needs about 6 clicks to get rid of before it's close * New system currently has no internet access & no antivirus protection,- bought a 'clean' pendrive to install apps, which I darent' contaminate with old pc, so cannot email log, and just now, quite annoyingly I cannot reproduce the error msg; think msg was something to do with 'tag' In both systems, I installed Imgburn 'out-of-the-box' without change so far as I remember. The new system under Settings>Display Warnings - every box is ticked (default) I have 3 questions: a) Is the .iso produced, the same as before, and can I ignore the 2nd small file ? How do I stop the warning msg from being generated ? c) I have not come across .mds files until now, as previously I never missed them, how can they help me ? Thanking you for any help.
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