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  1. I 17:07:27 Region Code: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8

    Long shot.


    The disc your friend burned - was it set to a specific region? Perhaps your tricky readers don't like region free discs.


    If you can - get a copy of a burn log from your friend.


    Unfortunately I can't. Anyway, my standalone player reads single-layer DVDs burned the same way.


    It burned and verified fine, which means the disc was correctly burned. Have you tried a lens cleaning disc on your Matshita drive and on you DVD player?


    Next time you might want to burn at 4x or 6x and maybe you get a higher quality burn.


    I've tried to burn 2,4x, 4x, 8x and 10x.


    Edit: One copy burned at 8x was (by chance?) readable by the standalone. This proves that it reads region-free disks.


    Most probably I have to clean both Matsushita combo and the standalone player, but I really wonder why it reads the same content burned by NEC but not by mine Pioneer that is supposed to be a good burner :(

  2. I used to ask my friend burning DL DVDs with his NEC burner (don't know the model), and it works well with my old JVC HR-XV2ER standalone player (which is by itself very freaky thing that does not like even smallest problems with media). Also it is readable in my old notebook's MATSHITA UJDA765aDVD/CDRW 1.02 (ATA)


    Ok, my friend was very generous, but now I have bought a PIONEER DVR-217F to burn them myself, and the result does not play in the standalone (I get "dusk defect") and is not readable with the notebook (I get "device not ready"). Can't figure out what is going on...


    Media is the same (Verbatim) in all cases, and no burning errors.


    Now I take an example of a disk burned by my friend and try to copy it.


    This disk shows the following in the "Device" tab of Imgburn:



    Current Profile: DVD-ROM


    Disc Information:

    Status: Complete

    Erasable: No

    Sessions: 1

    Sectors: 4

  3. I am trying to burn a DVD video on a DL blank. After burning, this is what I have (see below the report under Device tab).


    Does this appear as correctly book-typed?




    PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-217F 1.07 (USB)

    Current Profile: DVD+R DL


    Disc Information:

    Status: Complete

    Erasable: No

    Sessions: 1

    Sectors: 3

  4. Also another question - only "dual-format" versions are available, not "multiformat".


    According to specifications, the "dual-format" ones have all what I need (just no DVD-RAM writing support?)


    Or probably I should try the 217, because it is 2009 model?


    I'm lost :(


    Does the 216 drive work properly with 8x DL Verbatims? (MKM-003-00)

  5. They do not seem to be available, probably because blu-ray is still not widely used here; anyway I am not going to use blu-ray capabilities.


    But what is available --

    the 215, 216, 217 models (and a Welland ME340J SATA/USB external cabinet)


    the 115 and 117 models (and a Mobile RACK Techsolo TMR-5261 IDE/USB external cabinet)


    Sorry, not so much choice here...


    I tend to buy the 216, because it is SATA (more modern interface).


    Any objections?


    Thank you a lot for help!

  6. ...

    One of the latest Pioneer USB burners looks to me very slim





    seems to be difficult to find here...


    but slim models usually creates more problems than regular full high ones.


    I would go for a USB cabinet + Pioneer 1xx IDE.

    Well, why 1xx then? There are SATA/USB cabinets on the market, so what do you think about DVR-216 then? I don't think I need blu-ray, so this model seems to be ok.


    Or you think something like DVR-115 is better option?


    Thank you in advance for help! :)

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