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    Polar Express asking for layer Break

    Ok just out of curiosity it why are they all the same and the same length? Just asking so I know in the future? is on widescreen then maybe another a foreign language... If not why are there 3 all the same? Also wanted to ask I had an older version of DVD Decrypter but found V 3.5.4 still on the internet is that one going to be ok for awhile I know you don't do updates for it anymore...but since they are coming out with newer incryption can you recommend a newer decrypter that is out? Thanks so much for you help and keep up the good work.....
  2. brad62249

    Polar Express asking for layer Break

    Ok here is the screen shot you asked for earlier...not sure if this will hope but I hope it does....
  3. brad62249

    Polar Express asking for layer Break

    Just found out from my brother-n-law he is the one trying to back this movie up...that he used DVD decrypter and tried to copy it using CloneDVD2 originally and it would play on his computer but not on his stand alone that is where I suggested using the ImgBurn cause you can change the booktype easier on here as he tried to change it using CloneDVD2 and it would not give him that option. Anyway not sure if this is where he is getting his problem or not, but he erased the original decryption from his HDD and then re decrypted using DVD decrypter from the back up DVD not from the original... Could this be part of the problem he said he would try and decrypt the original tonight and if it gives the same problem he will send me a screen shot for me to post...
  4. I am trying to back up Polar Express and having problems... I used DVD Decrypter to decrypt as an ISO format says it is 5.47GB When I go to use ImgBurn it asks where do I want the Layer Break at. I have tried both Verbatim and Ridata 8.5gb DL DVD+R media in the Lite-On 1693s DVD RW drive with frimware KS09... I have been able to use this program flawlessly for other back-ups which were larger than this one I am trying now and it never asked about a layer break? Any ideas what might be happening? Also I know there are newer movies coming out with different style of decrytions can anyone recommend a newer decrypter as I know DVD decrypter is no longer being updated?

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