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    Possible bug about correcting the filesystem

    For me, I burn the disk. After it starts burning, I can not minimize it any more. Worse yet, imgburn is stop respond to my mouse. When I click it, it create a bonk.. I think you have to waste a blank DVD to capture the problem. I did do image creation and I don't have problem. I aborted it and burn a DVD. It WOULD NOT MINIMIZE. I open another one it is ok with that new one.... I did check Minimize to SYstem tray.
  2. Thang_Bom

    Possible bug about correcting the filesystem

    Would you give it a try. I just did it again and I can not minimize it. Steps to do. 1. Set up file system as ISO9660 + UDF. 2. Drag some AVI file - in my case full 4.37 GB of AVI 3. click the calculation tab from INFORMATION tab oand choose to burn. 4. A window popup suggests to use ISO9660+Juliet. 5. Choose NO 6. While the Disk is burning, click on - tab to minimize will not work. The Window stays on top (NOT MINImize) til you close it. Reopen IMG will minimize. (BTW, the minimize icon does happen at the minimize tab (lower right window). But the main program still on the screen.
  3. Thang_Bom

    Possible bug about correcting the filesystem

    I have the same problem. 1. Just update to 2.4.4 2. Burn AVI and 2.4.4 ask me to change from ISO 9660+UDF to ISO9660+Juliet 3. I did not change it. 4. Burn the disk 5. Later I can not minimize. 6. I have to close IMGBurn and restart to minimize. Thnx for the great program. I wonder can I make an Image or a Wii game (backup or Original)...

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