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  1. different media, hound lg to update firmware to fix your media issue, reinstall your operating system. just ditch the discs, and try another media, nothing else you can do, other than accept it and move on. try using same discs with a diffrent iso, data. If you got thousands of the discs, buy a different writer...
  2. i liked the bit near end, crucifixion or freedom. saw it when i was a bit younger and pissed myself laughing at this
  3. have you tried right clicking on the hard drive that the iso your trying to burn is stored on especially after you have had to reset machine a few times after lock ups, tools, error checking/check now, and tick automatically fix file system errors, maybe benifical to do this on all partition or har drives as well. have you also tried unticked enable cd recording on this drive. Then try burning the iso.
  4. They got their arses kicked, bout time as well.
  5. yes lets not go down that slippery slope.
  6. wonder what the vaseline (petroleum jelly) is for.
  7. sony has supposedly retreated with the use of the rootkits anyways.
  8. Ascii News ------------ "Experimental chimps have escaped from Sony's Labs, an eye witness saw the chimps head frantically for the pens and notepads and were seen furiously scribbling, on closer examination of the doodles, a huge bellend had been drawn and titled Head of Sony Entertainment." being an Xbox fan, Go ahead Sony make my day.
  9. Which is why i like to install XP to multiple hds partitions etc, and have a diff virus scanner for all 3 or 4 of them.
  10. I was thinking that. ( but you asked him how amber was)
  11. folder 2 iso would not be suited to this task, as you wil only end up with a dvd rom iso that when burnt, would probably not play in your dvd player, unless your dvd player has a folder option and can play unauthored dvds, though technically they have been authored, but your dvd player would have to be able to play from folders as a couple of mine can. So your best bet would be to use either what cornholio7 or l8nights said
  12. Or make a copy of the stuff you want now, incase you get anymore badluck.
  13. must have misread what you wanted to do, still do not know what you wanted to do LOL
  14. i thought there was a check box delete image after burn edit after posting, i realised this might just be decrypter, but on checking again, seems there is box check 'delete the image when done' It's in the write options
  15. I find i have less problems burning downloaded movies if i delete them first.
  16. what make Maxtor ? and is it making a pinking sound ? It fills me with terror everytime i hear that noise.
  17. Im cross there is no mention of hangman as a mini game
  18. check the advanced on your netowrk card, and see if like mine there is option to optimize for CPU or throughput.. Have you also tried changing it from AUTO to some of the options regarding speed full duplex etc
  19. when i ran 2000 for a short time, i used it as i seemed to be getting poor performance, it seemd to make things a little better, but you know what computers are like something can seem to make a difference when it could have been something else. just thought i would post it up incase you saw some benefit from it, im not sure if xp handles things different, as i think it does, something i read on ms site, but trying to find info on ms site is hit n miss.
  20. So what cable are you using ? cat 5 is no good, cat5e is kinda up to gigalan specs but can be bettered, ie cat 6 "but" with rj45 is also not upto the full specs of cat 6. Which if i am reading right is a new connector, need to read a bit more about this. I am going to buy some cat6 with rj45 as thats what my equipment has and test it in a couple of days when it gets delivered, i,ll test it between 2 machine using same gigalan, using my existing cat5e cable, then with the cat6 and let you know if there is any difference. And maybe someone that knows more about cat 6 full specs can tell us if it is indeed a new fitting.
  21. if using 2000 you could try this the parameters would be #maxcmds# The range is 0 - 255 and the 15 is the deafult value #maxthreads# should be set to the same value as maxcmds You could also increase the value of the #maxcollectioncount# This value represents the buffer for character-mode named pipe writes. 16 is default , you can enter 0-65535 I used this briefly when i used 2000 for about 4 months, i got this info a while ago and came across it tonight again, and re did the reg file, though i am usign xp, i edited my reg then exported it.. it increases the buffers, that are reserved for network performance, so was meant to increase throughput. reg file if anyone downloads it, can you tell me if it says it is a reg file or a winamp file. i think my file associations are screwed up. edit changed it to a rar file.
  22. up your cat cable to at least 6 for a test between 2 comps using 10/100/1000. would be best on 2 of the same nics configured, jumbo same etc. i might get some cat 6 or 7 cable and test both my a7v8x gigalan out, both same broadcom 10/100/1000, as i need to know what speeds i could get, i am quite happy with the speed i get using 10/100 side of the gigalan @11MEG sec,(100) especially compared to wireless which i tried in all it's guises and hated speedwise.
  23. yep the problem is intermittent, can go 20 discs without it, then bang next couple do it using various tyg02, ttg02, MCC 02RG20. the only ones it has not done this on are CMC MAG. AE1 (which i use for xbox games and divx) Though it may be down to various usb 2 devices being added, i will find out when i re install this weekend with all usb2 external hds writers etc attached at windows hardware install. just wondered if any other users of 109 had noticed it, it writes a small ring on disc which makes disc useless after, so it would also appear down to the way the , rather my 109 is writing leadin, the only other drive i have seen the leadin stage get stuck in is also an NEC 3540 first firmware, though i fixed that on my friends comp by reinstalling windows in her computer. ok thanks for the feedback.
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