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  1. Then find out who makes your drive. or go to your laptop manufacturers website and see if you can find a firmware update to the drive if not maybe get an external burner
  2. Which means it's a PAL / NTSC 60Hz issue as LUK said. LOL
  3. Change the SATA cable and check to see where/ which sata port is in use and which chipset the controller is using and update that. Try a different sata port if you are connected to a Jmicron controller do not use a RAID sata port. Find out what the unknown in log is. check power cables/ data cables etc In bios if using AHCI mode or AUTO Instead set to Emulated IDE or IDE mode whatever your bios calls it BTW update to ImgBurn first You know that Memory prices are at their lowest for a very long time and that 256 meg is pretty much useless to run XP Once you get the I/O sorted Update your drives firmware.. & Burn @8x
  4. what you will need to do its right click on your usb device and choose hardware then find your usb device and choose policies and tick optimise for performance Apply and OK and then you will be able to choose NTFS in windos format.
  5. You could check inside enclosure and make sure the little ide cable is in all the way or replace it if you have a spare or space for a larger one. You could also make sure drive is set to master.#
  6. What are they good for? Absolutely Nothing :lol
  7. Thanks, I'll try that. The other odd thing is that the disks are then unable to be finalized nor can I delete any of the titles. Is there any way to fix this? It seems a waste to toss a disk with an 1:50 minutes of stuff on it. I used to be like that with COAL
  8. -R Dual Layer are no good for VIDEO get some +R DL MKM-001-00 2.4x Verbs
  9. And once on the blacklist it's on until it's removed. Trouble is with nearly all these security programs they POP up and ask a question then USER = PANIC!!!! ---- program blocked and user then has no idea they blocked X or that they should then check settings and remove program from blacklist Some of these programs even block stuff silently.... These programs need a good kicking
  10. Right click on the drives description in ImgBurn and select check for firmware update then update it to 1.09 if it finds it. Also try burning your disc again at 8x instead of MAX. Then try some better disc's like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. Make sure no disc is in tray and tray closed when doing firmware update and do not stop it until it says successful etc.
  11. lol I knew the second I posted you would have posted again
  12. http://www.realtime-vista.com/general/2007...cuments_and.htm
  13. ImgBurn has been updated to incase you missed it.
  14. disconnect any usb external drives you may have as well.
  15. Given my lack of sleep over the last few days... who knows.
  16. I do but it was not there earlier :lol
  17. look for a firmware update to that drive 3x is not valid I know you choose 8x but showing as 3x indicates the drive and media are not likely to get on. Try some other dvd-r till you get 2x 4x 6x 8x or at least 2x and 4x I hope that drive ain't the same as my yet untested TS-L633a (I have a feelingit might be :lol) /FIRMWARE SC01 is available http://www.samsungodd.com/eng/Firmware/Fir...roduct_code=SCR
  18. Thats not what i said. Your writer is a little quirky in that setting the speed to 2.4x which is the only speed your media is (so you setting 1x the drive/media was never gonna adhere to that so Don't try 1x as you cannot use 1x) anyways back to this quirky drive when you set to 2.4x the drive flips between 2.5. 2.6 2.4 you cannot stop that behaviour a new firmware might but i doubt it and as LUK has said it is nothing to worry about
  19. With all the money you have saved buy a better drive
  20. Also 1x was not a valid choice as your writer/media only allows 2.4x in the same way you could have set it to 24x but you would only get 2.4x [2.5x 2.6x] on your writer/media combination 2.4x being the norm.
  21. reinstall your operating system get new bios, update prior to updating bios reset cmos, update bios, reset cmos then set back up. Change all sata cables. (maybe change your psu as well ) when you have installed your operating system CLEAN ...make a ghost image with norton 2003 then install latest chipset drivers don't use drivers for storage if nvidia chipset etc try and just use standard windows drivers (also try using the previous chipset drivers incase latest are buggy in erro etc. Try an ide drive for boot drive take your sata 1.5 offline . check jumpers on all sata hard drives for sata 2 mode or check bios is set to use 1.5 or 3.0 try 1 stick of memory or try an other stick. also see if there is a bios update for any of the sata controllers on your board. try taking things off the psu and only leaving say 1 hd and 1 writer and then try as well you could buy a sata/ide to usb2 adapter to use the optical drives
  22. It's an LG and the tick box in ImgBurn's settings to allow auto booktype hopefully should work with your drive
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