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    HP 640e not DL-compatible?

    Well, it really turned out to be a media issue, and NOT a bug with IMGBurn... Phew! I got a bunch of Verbatim +R DLs (great sale at Staples in my area with a 25$ per 10-pack instant rebate - still pricey, but so far the few burns I've done were without a hitch). Thanks to everyone who replied. Jeeps
  2. jeeps

    HP 640e not DL-compatible?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I may have found the cause of my problem in my media (TDK DVD+R DL) which according to IMG Burn is actually Ricoh media, which is documented to be incompatible with my HP burner (although it is the only brand sold at Costco, with the HP burners next to them on the shelf... thank god for their fantastic return policy). I have not had time to purchase another brand of media, but will keep you posted. Jeeps
  3. jeeps

    HP 640e not DL-compatible?

    Hello all, I just got an HP 640e external DVD+/-R DL burner on win XP. However, IMGBurn does not recognize the drive's ability to burn DL media (in the drive - capabilities window)... All drivers and firmware are up to date. Am I missing something? Apologies is the question is vague, but I'm a bit stumped. Jeeps

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