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  1. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    You must be a genius! Cause it works like a charm now! I didn't think too slow could be a problem! lol Thanks man!
  2. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    I figured it was a good burn thanks for clarifying that. The x360 drive is fine I play backs up quite frequently, just seems to be that one game. It may just be a bad rip. On another note I didnt think about burning it 4x. I didnt think my dvd+r dl disc would let me since it says 2.4x on it. I'll try it out and let you know. So may more coasters...damn shame... Well thanks for now but I have a hunch its just that rip. I'll let you know.
  3. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    I 16:45:56 ImgBurn Version started!I 16:45:56 Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition (6.1, Build 7600) I 16:45:56 Total Physical Memory: 2,096,696 KB - Available: 1,260,592 KB I 16:45:56 Initialising SPTI... I 16:45:56 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 16:45:58 Found 1 DVD
  4. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    Don't worry, you didn't Cool, I'll post the log when I get home...work will be long today...
  5. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    Way to get him to help you again..... I didn't mean it like that! It wasn't meant to be rude hence the <3 at the end... don't instigate lol just makin fun of my own stupidity and the "I got you" is slang for I understand. I didn't mean to offend you mmalves
  6. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    grrr I got you...way to be a jerk <3
  7. Five seveN

    ERROR Please Help.

    I am a hard headed person that doesn't listen Dude just listen and try Verbatim. It's the way to go. I don't know if it makes a difference but your burn speed is at a mismatch have you tried a speed thats compatible like 2.4x and I noticed you don't have your booktype set up as well..
  8. Five seveN

    Question about imgburn and the Sony DRU-840A

    I would have posted the log but I am at work. The log of the last burn, how would I get that information back? I didn't save the log of the last burn. Hope thats not a noobish question.
  9. First let me start by saying that every burn has been successful and I have not had any issues with the software at all. Although I am almost positive I just wanted to double check to see if there was in fact something I was missing. I am having difficulty getting my Xbox360 to read the backups I create using imgburn. 1. I am using Verbatim 2.4x discs. 2. Booktype is set to DVD-ROM. (I use the samsung tab and set the DVD+R DL and then choose DVD-ROM and get "Success!" and I have also done it by using advanced and adding my OEM w/ ID String. Both of which have been successful.) 3. Layerbreak is also set correctly. 4. I burn @ 2.4x as recommended. 5.Physical last recorded shows DVD-ROM and I had no errors during the burn. When I put the game in my xbox it shows open tray, once I eject and close tray it then loads the game, once it launches I can get maybe 4 or 5 mins of gameplay. After that I get Disc Unreadable or Please clean disc. I should note that I have about 4 coasters now so it is not just one bad burn. Which I also would like to note is quite upsetting! I have other backups that I got from a friend and they work seamlessly. He has the same burner as me and same settings yet his work no problem. What am I missing? Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit 2gb Ram AMD 2.5Ghz Suggestions? Comments?Help! Thanks in Advance! 57

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