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  1. I uninstalled my IDE controller ( I have XP ) and rebooted. DMA is enabled.I even re-updated my firmware. Still no luck. Tried one last burn which failed. I'm going to wait for the next release v1.2.1.0. If that doesn't work my wife's XMas present gets returned.
  2. I tried ImgBurn with the same results. Thanks for all your help btw Ken.
  3. Dell Dimension L733r 733 MHz Processor L2 Cache Size 256 40GB Hard drive 382 mb Ram Sony DRU-810A DVD+/-RW drive Windows XP SP2 Memory Available Memory 42.85 % Page File Size 1665.5Mb Available Page File 37.16 % Virtual Memory 2047.8Mb Available Virtual Memory 98.03 % Memory Slot 1 [DIMM1] 128Mb Memory Slot 2 [DIMM2] 256Mb
  4. Verbatim is even sketchy on the speeds. I took the following quote from : Verbatim Website But they seem to contradict themselves in any other literature about DL. Most actually mention 2.4 only.
  5. Actually the Device buffer is all over the place.
  6. This is what ImgBurn says about my blank Verbatim DVD +R DL
  7. Yes. I've never had an issue with my DVD5s.
  8. Another coaster. Reduced burn speed to 2.4. I haven't changed any settings and I just had a successful burn. Not sure what to think.
  9. I've read through most posts about this. I've updated my firmware. I'm using Verbatim DVD +R DL for media. I made a lot of coasters with DVDD and Nero.......only one successful burn. I recently installed ImgBurn and with a recent firmware update I was able to do a successful burn. I ripped another and burned and got the usual error message: Any ideas?
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