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    Right-o ... purchased today and burned successfully! It pays to have the right tool for the job. Thanks for everything! You've all been a grand help.
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    I was talking it over with the boss (aka my wife), and we were sorta thinking the same. For the cost of a decent DVD Player that would play these discs, we'd be a lot better off with an external DVD burner that did the job properly. It's the psychology of it all that's my hangup. I just bought this laptop about 3 months ago, and one of the selling points for me was the Super Multi DVD drive. Now that I come to find out that this drive is (in essence) moderately useless for this purpose, I've been rethinking my purchase a little. Thus, making a new purchase is just kinda ... ho hum bleh. You understand. I was looking at this article over at cdfreaks and am considering an LG GSA-5163D. I also was thinking the Plextor PX-740UF might not be a bad alternative. Looking for something sort of cheap that will work out of the box without too much tweaking. Me = Lazy heh Are there any specific models any of you would recommend for this? Again, cheaper being better ... but not so cheap that it doesn't burn right. Right. Back to the shopping with me ...
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    Thanks for the info. Yeah, I googled my drive checking for firmware updates and even did the ImgBurn check over at rpc1.org. The only one I found makes my drive Region Free. Ah well. I also played with all of the tabs for fun in Change Book Type with my DVD+R DL in the drive. Most often I got ... Current Setting: Unknown (Failed!) A few times I was able to select Current Media as DVD+RW, but when I went to make the change final, I got the error ... This function is for DVD+RW media, not DVD+R DL! I haven't tried DVDinfoPro. I guess that'll be my next/last stop unless another idea falls out of the sky. heh Alrighty. Thanks again.
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    Hello all. Very nice forum you have here. Much information! So ... lemme get to it. This is a problem I've read about for the past 5 hours now in various locales across the internet. I own a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with a Matshita UJ-841S Super Multi Drive. I did a burn on a Verbatim DVD+R DL, and it went fine ... super actually. I then played the disc on my laptop and on my old desktop with no issues. When I got to my standalone player and my portable, I got nothing. Just spins. heh I've since learned that the issue is most likely in the Book Type. I need to be able to change mine to DVD-ROM in order for my other machines to play the dvd. Yeah. So, my Matshita drive isn't listed in the supported Book Type drives list, and I have to assume that my drive doesn't support booktyping then. Would I be correct in this assumption? And if so, will I also be out of luck when/if I go to burn a DVD+R? Erg. What a bummer. Does anyone know of any brands of standalone DVD players that will play this media? It seems rather silly to create a video disc that will only play on a computer. Should I just go buy an external DVD burner that supports booktyping if I choose to continue on this path? Thanks in advance for any input you have. Much appreciated. And despite my troubles, ImgBurn and Decrypter are mighty fine pieces of software.

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