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  1. For testing purposes I deinstalled V 2.5.0 and reinstalled 2.4.4. Now I have device buffer at 100% and full speed at 4,1x If someone has an idea for using current version I can easily reinstall V 2.5.0
  2. Here log and ibg file imgburn4.txt ibg2.zip
  3. Cputime is used by kernel, imgburn uses up to 5%, processor overview shows 98% idle.
  4. Now I have next write in progress. Same as before, device buffer low and speed at 1,2x :-(
  5. SPTD is already deinstalled. I deleted the file SPTD.SYS and deleted two entries in the registry, but one entry I coudn
  6. Here comes the log + ibg files. imgburn3.txt ibg.zip
  7. Do you need any logs from the BD-R burn now?
  8. Due to low writing I had time for shopping in the meanwhile ;-) No I have no other BD-R dyes. See attached the logs of the RW-test yesterday. BD-R startet verify now. test_rw.txt
  9. Now I have a BD-R in progress, same problem like before, device buffer low and speed at 1,2x :-( Is it possible that the new version has a problem with this media (PHILIP-R04-00)?
  10. DVD-RW was ok. Writing to BD-RE is in progress. at full speed :-) Now I
  11. Now it is in verify, writing was in full speed :-)
  12. That sounds good, I have now writing a DVD-ISO to a DVD-RW in progress ;-) What I wondered is: it needs a lot of time for erasing so I think it makes a full erase. After that I will write to a BD-RE.
  13. I can test this with a RW, also I can make a test with a BD-RW. See attached a IGB file of the old version. CPU rate during writing is much lower. HL_DT_ST_BD_RE_GGW_H20L_YL05_MONTAG_21_SEPTEMBER_2009_14_52_PHILIP_R04_00_MAX.zip
  14. Yes, it sounds like this, but I changed nothing at the hardware during upgrade to 2.5. I deinstalled the Controller like told in the FAQ and after two reboots the device manager looks like before. I will see the result at next diskwriting, in the moment I don

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