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    please explain Miscompare at LBA

    thanks for your time guys, this is all new to me so its a long and sometimes fustrating experience. I don't know how much longer i'll put up with these files before I delete them and just count my losses. Cheers for your answers
  2. Lahem

    please explain Miscompare at LBA

    thanks Kenadjian, I used that program (imgTool classic) but after converting the TS file, imgBurn told me "This image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a DL (OTP track path) disc". what else can I do to burn this file with imgBurn, or are the TS files (ripped by decryptor) no longer any good? Also, is it necessary to burn with an mds file with imgBurn to burn onto a DL or can I use just the ISO file? thanks for your time
  3. Lahem

    please explain Miscompare at LBA

    cheers for your answers. if Folder2ISO is the problem what other program would be sufficient for converting TS files to an ISO? I have nero 7 but I would rather use imgBurn for DL media since I have had successful burns with this program.
  4. I have a dvd ts file about 8 gig that I wanted to burn with ImgBurn (1.3) to a Verbatim +R DL. I converted the file over to an ISO with Foldert2ISO and then got ImgBurn to create an MDS file from this ISO. I didn't make any changes to the file either. I'm up to date with my firmware. What am I doing wrong to get a miscompare at LBA....offset....? Something to do with the layer break perhaps (which I have set to caculate optimal) cheers!

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