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  1. Maybe there is still a working VIDEO_TS.BUP file... But in this case it would be the best do copy the VIDEO_TS.BUP to VIDEO_TS.IFO (and keep both files!)
  2. >HD DVD-RAM, DVD-RW DL, DVD+RW DL OK Then I will include these codes. MEDIA_STATUS_UNKNOWN: means imgburn will not be able to burn something? MEDIA_STATUS_NOT_FORMATTED: means a DVD+RW, 'empty' but not formatted and can be burned after formatting? Thanks again for your support!
  3. Yes, that's for sure... But it is a little 'information overkill' for me/my application. The only things I want to know (or 'need' to know) are: 1. Is there any media in the specified drive (simple, I can do it myself) If yes: 2. Is the media empty (could probably determined by the 'Media Status' which seems to be either 'MEDIA_STATUS_EMPTY' or 'MEDIA_STATUS_NOT_EMPTY' and nothing else) If yes: OK If no: 3. Is the media 'writeable' (no DVD-ROM, already burned DVD-R...) If yes, ask for overwrite -> OK/cancel This can probably be determined by 'Erasable: Yes' and 'current profile' where 'current profile' may be one of these values: "CD-RW" "DVD-RAM" (?) "DVD-RW" "DVD+RW" "BD-RE" "HD DVD-RW" Is this assumption correct?
  4. Yeah! That's what I will do for the time beeing... Thanks for your support! Another question: I'm currently working on the interpretation of the /info file. Do you know if/where I can find something like a 'list' of possible values for Current Profile, Book Type and Media Status?
  5. Ok, understood. I didn't want to bother you in any way!
  6. I've just tested version 2.1... and it works great! /closeinfo: OK Built syntax ( http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1848 ): OK (as documented) The only point (for me) is: /LOG "filename" doesn't work anymore (or it works, but only if 'Save the Log' is disabled in the 'global' events settings.)
  7. Is the new version already available?
  8. Dear LIGHTNING UK! 1024 thanks again. I'm happy looking forward to the new version!
  9. >what software could i use? GUI for DVDauthor: http://www.videohelp.com/~gfd/ (The next version will include automatic burning with imgburn )
  10. What is correct now??? My imgburn version is, 948.736 bytes from 05.08.2006 20:21 If I use a batch file with: imgburn /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE DEVICE /NOIMAGEDETAILS /SRC "D:\DVD\VIDEO_TS" /DEST N: /LOG test.log /START /CLOSE everything works fine. With /SRC "D:\DVD\VIDEO_TS\" nothing happens at all! (The batch file is started within the imgburn path, therefore no path info is necessary for imgburn and logfile)
  11. I have used a delay (up to 10 seconds), but probably your suggestion is correct that there is some hidden main window. I've used a code like this (pseudocode here): processid=shell imgburn /info wait 1 second loop check for file wait 5 seconds get hwnd from processid sendmessage wm_close to hwnd But as sendkeys with Alt F4 works, I will just use it. Thx!
  12. SendMessage(testhWnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0) doesn't work (your programs seems to ignore it, no problem if testhWnd is \system32\calc.exe). But SendKeys "%{F4}" (Alt + F4) works!?
  13. Dear LIGHTNING UK! 1024 thanks for the new version. It works very well. The new build mode is wonderfull! Also the /INFO works fine. The only thing I cannot find out: How can I use /INFO with something like /CLOSE ? I've tried a lot of combinations with /START, /CLOSE, /CLOSESUCCESS... but I've not found any way where imgburn closes its window after finish of /INFO. Is there a hidden option/trick I'm not able to find out or could this 'behaviour' be added?
  14. >Trouble is, people keep finding new things for me to implement... That's something I know very well by own experience! >I'm working around the clock to get it done though. Don't overwork yourself! If I can help you with beta testing, just send me a note.
  15. Dear LIGHTNING UK, I don't want to put any pressure on this, just ask when you plan to release the new version? From your post above it sounds as if you have already implemented the /info in your 'development' version. Would it be possible to get such a 'development' version? (I promise to keep it secret!) For me, it would be nice to test the 'communication' between my program and ImgBurn with the new functionality.
  16. I'm looking forward to your new version
  17. > /info and /log have been implemented. WOW! You are really fast! >...ImgBurn will perform a quick erase... Ok. >Retrying during verify is pointless Why? If the disk is at least 'readable' after let's say 5 retrys, the user may still decide to keep it or throw it away... >As for the 'is +RW empty?' stuff, the info in the panel on the right won't really help you there. Yes, you are right... >I guess this info would also therefore need to go into that info file? That would be the easiest solution for me > IBG stuff: I will send you some sreenies (and also a test version of the full program) as soon as I have more knowledge on this topic. ATM I have got just a glimpse about the contents of the IBG file (it is 'interpretable' ascii and contains information about the burning and verify process). THX for your help! BTW: Congratulation to your post Nr. 2000!
  18. THX for your quick reply! >/info - this would need another file name passed to it That would not disturb me at all >/erase So ImgBurn will automatically use a quick erase if possible? >/retries 20 is OK! But it just had not worked for me. Within a test (extra using a bad DVD+RW) the program prompted me for each retry manually? But I will check it again... >/log is do-able... That would be great! >...tell if a formatted +rw is empty That's a pity! But if /info would work, I could leave this hard part for you? One more question: As the IBG file may not be used, could you create a file with similar content in a 'free format'? For me as a programmer it is hard to see that this information is available, but I'm not allowed to use it...
  19. I'm trying to support imgburn as 'burning engine' within my dvdauthor application (GUI for dvdauthor) to get rid of the limitations (and dependency) of nerocmd. As expected it works great! Just one problem is open: How can I specify a quick erase from the commandline? The /ERASE switch works as expected, but unfortunately it has no parameters for quick or full erase. Another topic (more or less a 'nice to have') are some extensions for the cli switches, that would simplify my life /RETRIES <number> Automatically retry write/verify a number of times without user intervention /LOG "<File Name>" to specify a log file (even if the user has not activated the 'Save the Log' event) /INFO Just save the content of the info panel to the log file (and exit with /CLOSE) ATM I try to gather this information myself... I have some success with it (Current Profile, Status, Erasable) but not yet with Formatted, Supported Write Speeds, and if the disk is 'empty' as RW disks usually report STATUS=Complete (not Empty). I think the 'empty' state can be calculated from the first/last physical sectors, but I don't know how to do it And keep up the good work! May the source be with you!
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