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  1. i fixed it darn so simple .in window 7 rt click open with on the .wav file, then set the default for the program there. thanks again and sorry for the double posts trying to figure out how this forum works striker
  2. thanks for the help i checked as you suggested and the .wav are supposed to be opened by windows media player by default. so i then saved the .wav file to my documents from email then right clicked and opened with windows media and it was fine. so then i just doubled clicked to open the file again and img burn started. it does not recognise the .wav and (stops responding) so the problem still exists is there anything in the program that can be adjusted. or in my start up or any other ideas . the program is great and runs twice as fast as alcohol does in copy from disk to iso then burn iso to disk i can live with the problem with the work around. i wonder if their is a special way to install in windows 7 that i missed.? i will continue to try to fix it unless you guys have other ideas striker
  3. new to the program. i have used alcohol 120 for years. i installed image burn to win 7 and it worked fine . however i notice if i am in windows live email and try to open a *.wav attachment img burn starts up. i cannot find a reason or same experience in the fourm or guides. i want to stop this action and to use imgburn only when i want it to open thanks for your help strikerseasy
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