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  1. WinRAR really do not support Unicode file-name so I compressed it with "7-zip". Maybe decompressing it with "7-zip" is well. I recorded the two folders' name to a txt-file so that you can create your own folder with my folder-names. folderNames.txt
  2. I have conpressed it in a 7z-package. I think 7z-format will support Unicode-filename. If the filenames in this package can not display normally on your system, I will re-pack it. FilesToAdd.7z
  3. If I created an image with ISO9660 FS without Joliet, folders with non-english name can't be opened by Windows Explorer. The meaning of this dialog box is "Can not open H:\电大——操作系统. Disc is destroyed and can't read". The image, loaded by Alcohol 52%, contains a folder called "电大——操作系统" which can not be opened.
  4. About file selection, you can select files (in Windows Explorer) what you want to add, click "copy" (to clipboard). And then click "paste" in the "advanced file/folder selection process", like copying files in Windows Explorer, which is more convenient than it in Nero.
  5. An image made by Alcohol 52%, which is included several tracks, can not be support by Imgburn. Imgburn itself can make CD(DVD) image, and Alcohol 52% can make other format of image, but MDF-image-format may be used more frequently than other formats and, Alcohol 52% have a powerful function of making CD(DVD) image, especially for encrypted disc. And I have a question to ask, that whether Imgburn can burn an CD-image with copyright protection encryption (e.g. Starforce) like Alcohol 120%.
  6. Thank you for replying. I have make them to a package. The filelist is saved with Unicode so that Chinese characters can be displayed on non-Chinese version of OS if your OS contains a Chinese character font. And I have some supplement that is about the volume. I understand that lowercase filename or volume can't be supported in DOS mode. But sometimes I want to make an image that is only used in win32 without Joliet FS, so that filenames in the image or disc can be display normally in non-win32 circumstances. So I will set "Characters" to "ASCII" rather than "Standard" or "DOS". By this time, lowercase words is needed. reply.zip
  7. I having used Imgburn a long time, this software is excellent. And I have some suggestion, which will make Imgburn more perfect. I used to burn CD/DVD with ultraiso before using Imgburn. Imgburn have a strong function with making image file, with some faults making it not perfect. It is widely known that ISO9660 contain 3 profiles. If we didn't need joliet, lowercase filename & volume-name would be necessary. But I can't input lowercase word in ISO9660 volume-name even though Character option is set to "ASCII" and "Level X" has been chosen. ISO9660 support 8.3 filename format, and long-filename will be cut off to 8.3 format. But if Character option isn't set to "Standard" and there are some non-english words(e.g. Chinese characters) in long-filemane, the result will be wrong, in which primary name is long than 8 bytes and extension is less than 3 bytes although total bytes is 11, which is not supported in DOS mode.
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