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    There's a serious bug about ISO9660 FS

    WinRAR really do not support Unicode file-name so I compressed it with "7-zip". Maybe decompressing it with "7-zip" is well. I recorded the two folders' name to a txt-file so that you can create your own folder with my folder-names. folderNames.txt
  2. snow_xmas

    There's a serious bug about ISO9660 FS

    I have conpressed it in a 7z-package. I think 7z-format will support Unicode-filename. If the filenames in this package can not display normally on your system, I will re-pack it. FilesToAdd.7z
  3. snow_xmas

    There's a serious bug about ISO9660 FS

    the options
  4. snow_xmas

    There's a serious bug about ISO9660 FS

    the options
  5. If I created an image with ISO9660 FS without Joliet, folders with non-english name can't be opened by Windows Explorer. The meaning of this dialog box is "Can not open H:\电大——操作系统. Disc is destroyed and can't read". The image, loaded by Alcohol 52%, contains a folder called "电大——操作系统" which can not be opened.
  6. snow_xmas

    Why I still use Nero

    About file selection, you can select files (in Windows Explorer) what you want to add, click "copy" (to clipboard). And then click "paste" in the "advanced file/folder selection process", like copying files in Windows Explorer, which is more convenient than it in Nero.
  7. An image made by Alcohol 52%, which is included several tracks, can not be support by Imgburn. Imgburn itself can make CD(DVD) image, and Alcohol 52% can make other format of image, but MDF-image-format may be used more frequently than other formats and, Alcohol 52% have a powerful function of making CD(DVD) image, especially for encrypted disc. And I have a question to ask, that whether Imgburn can burn an CD-image with copyright protection encryption (e.g. Starforce) like Alcohol 120%.
  8. snow_xmas

    About File System

    Thank you for replying. I have make them to a package. The filelist is saved with Unicode so that Chinese characters can be displayed on non-Chinese version of OS if your OS contains a Chinese character font. And I have some supplement that is about the volume. I understand that lowercase filename or volume can't be supported in DOS mode. But sometimes I want to make an image that is only used in win32 without Joliet FS, so that filenames in the image or disc can be display normally in non-win32 circumstances. So I will set "Characters" to "ASCII" rather than "Standard" or "DOS". By this time, lowercase words is needed. reply.zip
  9. snow_xmas

    About File System

    I having used Imgburn a long time, this software is excellent. And I have some suggestion, which will make Imgburn more perfect. I used to burn CD/DVD with ultraiso before using Imgburn. Imgburn have a strong function with making image file, with some faults making it not perfect. It is widely known that ISO9660 contain 3 profiles. If we didn't need joliet, lowercase filename & volume-name would be necessary. But I can't input lowercase word in ISO9660 volume-name even though Character option is set to "ASCII" and "Level X" has been chosen. ISO9660 support 8.3 filename format, and long-filename will be cut off to 8.3 format. But if Character option isn't set to "Standard" and there are some non-english words(e.g. Chinese characters) in long-filemane, the result will be wrong, in which primary name is long than 8 bytes and extension is less than 3 bytes although total bytes is 11, which is not supported in DOS mode.

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