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    A MDS and a MDF file, can I burn this?

    Well, it's a movie. It came split up in rar files and I extracted it with WinRar, as usual. Then you need to do the same thing again to extract it into a format that you can burn. I always burn it with IMGBurn. And most of the time that is an ISO file, sometimes IMG. I already thought the MDS file was not more than that. But the conclusion would be then that I cannot put this movie on a DVD because IMGBurn cannot burn this format? Do you have any idea if there is a burner that can burn the MDF file?
  2. I have this big file that extracted into an MDF file containing all the 4,35 GB. And into an MDS file of only 4,21 kb. IMGburn can only read the small MDS file, not the MDF file. It just doesn't see, the MDF file. But I guess when I burn this MDS file on a DVD, there will not be a lot on the DVD. At least not the 4,35 GB that I wanted to put on the DVD. So what do I do? Normally it would extract into a ISO or IMG file containing those 4,35 GB and those formats I can burn, so there are no problems. But in this case I just don't know what to do. Can I burn this file, or not? How come a rar file containing the same type of thing would extract to ISO this time, into IMG another time and now into these formats?
  3. Alessandro

    Am I here at the right place?

    It worked! Although somehow my mediaplayers stop working when they're playing the DVD, at least I can see the menu and see that it created the audio and video file. But the MDS file, what is that exactly? Is it necessary to burn that as well? I've been searching the forum, but can't really find what it is.
  4. Alessandro

    Am I here at the right place?

    Thanks cornolio7
  5. Alessandro

    Am I here at the right place?

    Hello everybody, I probably have the most stupid question of all newbies at this forum. I have an image file (well, quite a lot of different movies actually) that I want to burn on a DVD. Am I here at the right place? Can ImgBurn convert the img file so that it can be burnt? And how do I start? You see, I really don't have a clue so I hope anyone can help me. (This is is last stupid question I'll ask, I promise)

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