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  1. I dont no if this is useful but you have 1x selected and those disks only support 4x, 6x, 8x and it is best to burn at 2.4x for DL media but your disks dont support that ether
  2. I think that the "Optimum Power Calibration Failed" is caused by shit disks but u have MCC which r A+++ try and burn at 4X rather then MAX and c if that changes anything
  3. Thank you very much guys is was one to remenber my dad DJ for me and all. i was serpost to get the keys to my dads ferrari but at the last minute he said i cant have it till i 21 now
  4. Thanks for that LFC, its much better now!!
  5. Ok if your a siamese twin and your attached at the shoulder how can u only have one ass? Wouldn't you have to be growing out of your brothers hip?
  6. steady on there Jmet!! see you said it yourself that his comment was rude!!
  7. At the this time no one can find the download of imgburn for users, so i guess that the Beta members are the only ones at the moment.
  8. LFC you have a great sense of humor
  9. Hi every one, hi Dad, Its great to be back Cheers LUK
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