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    ImgBurn freezing when opening the file

    Ok,You might think it is a disorder of Windows 7 .. I Try searching the Internet. And mmalves, Do you think this error relates to that? My link Thank you very
  2. paulix

    ImgBurn freezing when opening the file

    Yes, it's possible. And..Do you have experience, which may cause errors in Windows open file dialog? Thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi... I already wrote once that I have problems with variations in Device Buffer and I think the problem is with SATA, because through IDE is everything ok. (Apparently because I do not have AHCI...) But now I have another problem, of ImgBurn freezes when unable to open an ISO file. My link ImgBurn must be forcibly shut down...but windows and other programs normally work on. Approximately 3-4 times to re-start, but it happens the same. Only after several attempts it succeeds. It is between these two issues same link? Thanks (and sory for poor English, because my assistant was just "google translate"
  4. No,no... I know it But with IDE - LG HL DT GSA H12N I can see DEVICE BUFFER,MAIN BUFFER filled on 100% all the time..it’s beauty. And with SATA TSST (SH-S223C),or Lite-on (iHAS 124 Y)...there is very astatic,unstable,fluctuant effect in DEVICE BUFFER 0-100%...It’s undesirable for me. Is SATA worse for filling device buffer?
  5. So...This is my dream and LG *HL-DT-ST GSA H12N (UL01) - throught IDE CABLE (80) makes -this dream becomes real. Hm... Is it by manufacturer? -by IDE (without SATA)?
  6. hi... here i have graph from my friend device buffer-white line is so superbly equal But my device buffer is dotty all the time and i can’t help myself #39;( Device buffer is CASH memory of DVDRW device?Where is device buffer?
  7. Hi,Cynthia... You have win7 or xp?32 or 64 bit? Because I think,that xp was better for filling device buffer (also write speed).
  8. Hi I bought new LiteOn Atapi iHAS 124 Y ata Device and i have already these attempts try: -Ultra DMA is ok (UDMA 5) -Firmware updated (SB02) -SATA Ports changed -Sata cables changed -DVDs changed (DVD+R Verbatim - azo tech.) -Antivirus,downloading,browser...stoped Only ImgBurn is running,but device buffer is my adversary all the time:a Here - dvd iso (film) burned in new Lite on,speed 8x, dvd Verbatim DVD+R
  9. Can it be error in cache memory of burning device?
  10. How i can discover,what causes a variaton in DeviceBuffer-most probably? #39;( Sata port 1 - DVDRW Sata port 2 - HDD Is That sequence important?
  11. dontasciime Thank you for your complaisance You think...i should change the interface? Now there is SPTI-it’s the best chance...Is it? ASPI,ASAPI IS out of action What is the best Interface for quality burning in ImgBurn? Device buffer...is it the same,as DVDRW Cash memory(2MB)? Buffer recovery thresholds - I have set on 100% . . .Is it good idea? Thanks.
  12. defragmentation is not necessary alreday successfully removed I disallow antivir.+antispy. in ESS4 before burning -I haven’t this chance in Bios,but I saw,that there is Enabled IDE for SATA dev. pls,help me with this,what do you think -this?
  13. Is it possible,that pc compilations with- in a more cores cpu cause this problem?
  14. I have updated SB02 firmware,and burned a disc in discovery mode,i don’t know, what I shall do with this dvd. I burn with speed 8x. Pls,tell me, what causes decline in Device Buffer, Write speed+RPM... -Win 7? -TSST corp.SH-S223C? -Dvd Medium (Verbatim DVD-R) -another hardware? -another software? -ImgBurn? -in graph is only soft decline,but sometimes it’s more. Thanks
  15. Do you think,that failure is in TSSTcorp.SH-S223C ?

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