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  1. Actually, that's correct. It hangs while "analyzing" the tracks. In this case, the status message reads: "Analysing tracks...(Session 1, Track 4)" and it hangs at that point. Presumably. On one of the failed verifications (there have been a total of four different failures on different burns) I went back and asked it to do a verify only. That hung in exactly the same way. I could try it again with the latest hang which you have the log for..... OK, I tried verify only with the Audio CD burn you have the log for. Exactly the same result. Same status message (as above). Log attached. - Croquet img.burn.verify.bug.-.log.2.txt
  2. Yes. Log attached, this time. - Croquet. img.burn.verify.bug.-.log.txt
  3. I've been using ImgBurn for some time, and have had no problems with it. It's a great program! This new bug in occurs during the verify cycle after burning an audio CD from a Monkey's Audio (.ape) or .flac file. The audio CD plays fine, both in the PC and in a stereo. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the burn itself. It's just the verify: it hangs part way. I click the cancel button after about 20 minutes. Normally a verify takes a minute or two. I've attached a log. - Croquet.
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