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  1. I always wanted to be a CLOWN Ok thanks Author for releasing the sourcecode But i can't find the link to download it??? MAANKAT
  2. Dear Author Maybe you could release the source code of your superior program so people can help you with make it the ultimate ultimate free burning program. It would be great if we could slowly fade away the commercial bloatware burning software like Nero/Roxio from the market. Kind Regards Maankat
  3. First i want to thank the Author for the great program that IMGBURN is. What i like to see changed in the future is a more USER FRIENDLY GUY like e.g. Nero, Deepburner, CDBURNER XP or INFRARECORDER. Or that you can choose during the installation that you are an expert user or not an expert user. Expert user gets the current GUI and not an expert user will get the USER FRIENDLY GUY. To me this will make IMGBURN a 100% ultimate burning program instead of 99,9% and will definitely kick out the bloatware commercial cd/dvd burning software package e.g. Nero/Roxio. Or does it already exist a USER FRIENDLY FRONTEND for imgburn? Kind Regards Maankat
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